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Submission + - Google acknowledges Nexus S failure on long calls (phonearena.com)

alx5000 writes: "Not that long after Apple's iPhone 4 Antennagate, it's now Google's turn to remind us how smartphones are increasingly more "smart" and less "phone": a failure on the new Nexus S makes the phone reboot mid-call mostly during calls longer that 3 minutes, but even during shorter ones. If this turns to be a software problem, things could get hairy, with Gingerbread for the rest of Android terminals just around the corner."

Submission + - Microsoft Patents the 'Record' Button (conceivablytech.com)

An anonymous reader writes: You have to appreciate that Microsoft pays attention to what may be rather trivial products and slaps a patent on them. In this latest wave of approved patents — the U.S. Patent and Trademark office granted 35 Microsoft patents to Microsoft today — is the right to claim the 'record' button. This is not just your average record button. It is a record button in every conceivable form, on a computer, grouped with other buttons or standalone, with light or without lights, on a keyboard or not. In all seriousness — do we really need such patents?

Ubuntu Moves Away From GNOME 514

An anonymous reader writes "It's official: Ubuntu has, with its ironically named 'Unity' interface, chosen to move away from GNOME for Ubuntu Natty Narwhal. Or at least move away from GNOME Shell. Mark Shuttleworth says that Ubuntu will still be 'GNOME,' even if it's not using GNOME Shell. Do you agree?"

Submission + - Internet dismantling the state church in Finland (www.hs.fi)

An anonymous reader writes: A Finnish secular web site that facilitates electronic resignation from the Finnish state church gained wide attention in media. A gay rights TV panel discussion followed thousands resigning from the church. On wednesday 2633 people resigned through the web site, which is more than all the resignations in July. Internet is secularizing the Finland with increasing speed. Resigning from the church has doubled in speed since it has become possible in the net. Over 90% of resignations in Finland go through the site administered and marketed by hobbyists driving Finland towards a secular non-religious state.

Submission + - IPv6 Linux Routing

diemuzi writes: I'm having a very difficult time trying to learn and grasp the concept of the IPv6 networking and before my hair goes completely gray and starts falling out I would like to know if anyone has any good information on a simple how-to for dummies IPv6 Linux Routing guides. I've been reading books, many sites online, etc... but none of them click in my mind. IPv4 was easy compared to this IPv6 mess of things. I've never been one for reading and understanding but more for doing and understanding. My background choice of operating systems is Arch Linux but I'm familiar with CentOS and Redhat. What I believe would really help me out was for something I can see from the beginning to end and being able to copy/paste most of the things required into my linux box and start testing. Most of the examples found online talk about Tunneling, their ISP gave them an IPv6 address which can be subnetted, and many other random examples. All I want to do for learning purposes is to setup an IPv6 internal network which has nothing to do with the outside world. I don't care if it connects to the Internet. I simply want the Linux Router to handle the connections from my other Linux Workstations and Windows Workstations and assign those an IPv6 and be able to talk to one another.

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