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Comment record production, burning transformers all around (Score 1) 687

Renewables are doing so well in Germany that their neighbours have cut the German grid out, got tired of seeing their transformers burn: http://www.praguepost.com/news/15258-region-german-green-energy-push-needs-a-rethink.html

and German companies are moving to inhouse power generation because they can't take the losses caused by power fluctuations: http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/instability-in-power-grid-comes-at-high-cost-for-german-industry-a-850419.html

Comment Re:It's no longer honorable (Score 1) 270

There's NO form of engagement today, that would not have been considered an atrocity 90 years ago, or a war crime, 35-50 years back.

you must be behind with your history reading, 90 years ago mortality rates of 50% among prisoners were cool, nobody gave a f....g f..k over shelling a village, shooting civilians happened by default not as an exception, and taking all the food from the civilians while armies moved about

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