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Comment Fire hazards of various types (Score 1) 86

I agree that battery replacement is dangerous - I have ordered several replacement batteries for my Note 2 from ebay. They all had Samsung labeling, but exhibited wildly erratic discharge (dropping from 50% to 10% within a few minutes).

I have since replaced them with Anker batteries, which appear to have a good reputation for quality and safety, and are really not much more expensive than the Chinese low-end. People should be encouraged to avoid batteries made in China for safety reasons, unless they are vetted or supplied by an OEM.

The chargers also can be dangerous, and low-end Chinese manufacturers skimp on safety and quality. Look for the "UL" symbol for Underwriters Laboratories on any USB chargers. Also check for spelling and grammar mistakes in the labeling on the device, which are sure signs of a cheap forgery.

Power components must be purchased from reputable suppliers to assure safety.

Comment Removable batteries (Score 4, Insightful) 86

Samsung, the electronics will last far longer than the lithium battery. Had the note 7 battery been removable, users could have swapped a $10 replacement and kept their phones. Aesthetics/styling are the only benefits to an embedded battery, but this really accelerates product obsolescence and forces your customers to spend more. This is unacceptable.

Bring back removable batteries. If you don't, then I wish more million-unit recalls upon you until you build the product that we want.

Maybe you'll be a penny stock by then.

Comment Shame on you, Samsung! Shame! (Score 1) 202

The market WANTS removable batteries, and an a removable sdcard. The market wants this BADLY.

Samsung, you spurned the desires of the market, thinking you knew best.

You did this to accelerate planned obsolescence and force the purchase of replacement phones long before the service life of the electronics had reached a reasonable end. Had these batteries been removable, replacement of the faulty/dangerous parts would have been greatly simplified.

Samsung, you have not received a tenth of the market punishment that you deserve.

Comment Several questions (Score 4, Interesting) 26

Is this browser keybridged to Opera Corporate? Is Opera able to decrypt TLS sessions run through the VPN? Does this add Opera-controlled root CAs that allow mitm?

Opera Mini has terrible security, as it uses the native Android WebKit/WebView. Does Opera guarantee that anything it provides for this VPN has current patches and passes all relevant tests (i.e.

Comment Red Hat updates... (Score 1) 190 not cripple your server with slowdown code. RedHat updates include backported security patches for older versions of their distributed software. From the RedHat wiki: "Red Hat does not update the kernel version, but instead backports new features to the same kernel version with which a particular version of RHEL has been released... Consequently, RHEL may use a Linux kernel with a dated version number, yet the kernel is up-to-date regarding not only security fixes, but also certain features."

The Android ecosystem desperately needs RedHat's model for security patches. The FTC should mandate GPL and CentOS updates for all future Android versions. This would have the side benefit of opening up a great deal of the OEM code as well.

Comment Re: Clintons have killed tons of people (Score 2) 706

Here is a nice fact for you: "Responding to homicide allegations, an official of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology acknowledged that doctors initially were puzzled by a circular wound on the top of Brown's head when his remains were recovered at the crash scene. The forensic pathologist then consulted with others and took extensive X-rays. As a result of these consultations and full-body X-rays, we absolutely ruled out anything beyond a blunt-force injury to the head."

Comment unlock: GSM versus bootloader (Score 1) 122

An "unlocked" Verizon phone is allowed on a GSM network. It most certainly maintains a locked bootloader (and the stable of unwanted applications [NFL tracking being the most annoying]). All this bloat updates in Google play and otherwise uses up data unless they are explicitly disabled in a swindle to inflate your data usage.

Attempts to unlock the bootloader with the OEM (HTC, Motorola, etc.) are all met with the reply "this device is not eligible for bootloader unlock."

For unsupported phones, Verizon should be compelled to allow this activity. This is perfidious intransigence for profit and control.

Comment Stagefright (Score 1) 204

Bearing in mind how often we receive VLC updates, what is your opinion of Google's decision to "carve in stone" the StageFright media libraries into the /system read-only mount point on Android?

Stagefright patch breakdowns were of surprising number and duration: "...over the course of the last year of Android updates, Google has issued patches for 115 media server-related CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) flaws. Of those, 49 were found directly in libstagefright, with 35 in libmedia and 31 in libraries on which libstagefright depends."

A related question: if Google had approached you with the intention of burning the VLC player into the equivalent of ROM, would you have asked them to choose another player?

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