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Comment Re: Daesh is depreciatory (Score 1) 247

I'm not sure who is dumber here, French laws or the Frenchman? So they managed to prove an 18 year old was "praising" fear spread in the name of political influence (very objective concepts mind you) by setting his SSID to Daesh Network for all those who see it in the Wifi range. Maybe I'm reading the article wrong.

Comment That Joy (Score 1) 295

That wonderful expression in Justina's face when she told the reporters, "They were crazy." Priceless. As Professor Zimbardo's research demonstrates, in such tightly knit authority structures, yelling at a naked person in the shower saying, "You cannot be rude!" is acceptable. What they wanted from her was absolute submission and luckily she was rescued in time. I love happy endings.

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