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Comment Ad BLOCKING? (Score 1) 126

What about ad corrupting? A plugin in every navigation software which randomly clicks ads? I'd say stop it by reducing the value of the data you are being forced to see. I suppose putting a sticker on the monitor where ads are is also an option.

Comment Re:Manufacturing your own obsolecence (Score 1) 150

AI can do worse without securing our inputs and/or having an open government protected privacy mechanism (NSA! Halp?).
I can see it now, annoy-a-tron-5000! Records everyone's movements, trains a large data-set to detect with %99.999 accuracy when you are about to sneeze, and loudly plays the sound of a crow from a distant drone. Predictive analysis? Sure, given the patterns, blasts the sound of a crow (now comes with a directional mechanical wave!) we can annoy your target BEFORE they sneeze! Make people hate life! Sure you could have always done this, but people get tired, AI doesn't. Purchase annoy-a-tron-5000 today!

Comment Torrenting Ted Cruz's bisexual penis (Score 2) 246

I have always considered instant search to be completely and utterly useless.
Negavites of Instant Search
- Distracts you from what you are actually trying to type.
- A partial "result" is not useful until you are done typing.
- It can display subliminal bias (pull up death, fear, victim as you are searching 'Donald Trump's hat).
- Often freezes your browser while pulling up your half typed results.
- Undesired profanity (Try typing 'big black').
Positives of Instant Search
- Autocomplete feature on par with highend smartphones.
- At times, displays multiple suggestions to save you time before you need to write the entire search query.

I think the decision is clear.

Comment Backwards Compatibility? (Score 1) 771

What of having that jack have multiple stripes and convert it into something backward compatible with an audio jack? You could put enough wires in there to be a USB port, accept data, and charging yet still support the good old headphones. I know credit card swipe devices which use the input, lets just put a ground, 2 gpio, 2 varying power, and an analog and see if we can get more devices to come out. THAT would be more along the lines of Apple ingenuity, take something which exists, and revolutionize it.

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