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Comment Re: Code (Score 1) 251

Musk explained what he meant by saying that computers can communicate at "a trillion bits per second", while humans, whose main communication method is typing with their fingers via a mobile device, can do about 10 bits per second.

Why do you insist on utilizing this primitive linguistic communication? Your android brain is capable of so much more. --Borg Queen

I just had to :)

Comment Well Actually (Score 3, Funny) 82

The real question here is *beep* hang on, email... ... What we must pay attention to is *beep* text message, ... hah (writes answer), errr right, as I was saying, *starts car*, err, *beep beep beep* (puts on seatbelt) It's a difficult world to *facebook notification* haha omg, Err... driving right now ... Send ... Semi truck horn ... 24 months later. I love apples!

Comment Re: Now can we (Score 5, Interesting) 334

Lets take a moment to remember we only thought this to occur in the centers of gas giants, in space, quite a bit far out there. We have just replicated this on this planet. Of all the posibilities for things to happen, this one is pretty rare. I feel proud to be a hairless monkey today.

Comment Re: Meaningless (Score 1) 745

The difference is, the metrics used to move the doomsday clock are specified by scientists. Educated folk, letting you know, that we could all possibly be a mass of carbon, fairly soon. I think perhaps electing the giant meteor, with its running mate, Mr. Sanders could have been the better choice. Now we all have to listen to the baby with the golden hair, it'll be fine.

Comment Re: With an small download cap! (Score 1) 147

That would go against the name they picked for the project. It's Ultra fast. Beyond the very concept of high speed. I can't quite wrap my head around the concept of going past the very idea of what fast already is, but I have a feeling they offer the same thing at Bed Bath & Beyond. Lets hope it doesn't cause nuclear fission.

Comment Re: MotoGP on BT Sport, Dakar on Eurosport... (Score 1) 257

If you torrent you have probably participated in a DDoS attack. This is a bit like getting free stuff in a shady venue so long as you do them a "favor". I don't like my friend, I get his public IP, list the hottest movie from his/her IP, bluray quality. Meanwhile they are at home thinking why is my Internet not working?

Comment Steam Much? (Score 1) 501

There still is a large population of PC gamers who are perfectly content to buy a second high end GPU for their Skyrim mods. I sincerely doubt computing power on your laptop and/or PC is going to become insignificant anytime soon, it's still the MO for any type of real work, and having a local crash and burn R&D environment will likely still be the preference of many developers/inventors. Running these environments will require a decent hamster.

Comment Re: Most open and transparent president ever... (Score 2) 205

I'm thinking about hitting you in the head with a baseball bat for saying that causing severe bodily harm to your person (I was sincerely afraid of typing, in the privacy of my home and my phone, that I will actually do that. Quite chilling, being afraid to write). I'd also like to mention that according to the document this post will now be retained and shared across the world and analyzed.

2. (U) When the communication contains evidence of a crime or a threat of death or serious bodily harm to any person, or anomalies that reveal a potential vulnerability to U.S. communications security, the recipient IC element will notify NSA's OGC, which will review it according to the applicable NSA procedures and policies.

So yea, we are now part of the daily routine of some Eagles fan, sipping his coffee, contemplating whether he/she wants to inform the authorities and likely make my life hell as I try to explain I'm simply trying to demonstrate how such a thing simply cannot coexist with the 4th ammendment. But hell, Google doing it, Instagram, Facebook, why not everybody? Internet is not a tool for free expression, we are sitting in a room full of authorities forced only to type the correct words. No thanks, I'll just stick with Slashdot, the freak of my life.

Comment Re: Just when you thought (Score 1) 207

Yea but how would you pick up that data without any input sources around? At some point you would have to have an active mic, or allow for additional permissions, or maybe watch for the canvas element to freeze or whatever, but those are all new additions still not ordinary for HTML4 not snoopin' on yo mom 'n' pop browser. Up to this point we had 3 problems, object, activex, java plugin , flash etc. and all of those were opt-in, not out.

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