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The Courts

Submission + - Do we have free speech? (

elucido writes: An editorial titled "EDITORIAL
A Bruise on the First Amendment" discusses the supreme court decision which says it is illegal to give advice or assistance. Quote:"The case arose after an American human rights group, the Humanitarian Law Project, challenged the law prohibiting “material support” to terror groups, which was defined in the 2001 Patriot Act to include “expert advice or assistance.” The law project wanted to provide advice to two terrorist groups on how to peacefully resolve their disputes and work with the United Nations. " The Supreme Court voted to uphold the ban on providing advice or assistance to designated terrorist groups. This means it may be a crime to communicate at all with any known terrorist group as any communication can be interpreted as advice or may be interpreted as assistance.

I interpret the Supreme Court ruling 6-3 in favor of upholding the advice and assistance (material support) section of the Patriot Act as evidence that we do not have "free speech." What we can say is governed by law.

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