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Comment Re:Can someone explain... (Score 1) 681

I'm still not entirely convinced that even TDS knows why they sued. I wholeheartedly believe that TDS was just leveraging the ridiculously slow speed of the United States judicial system to tie the city government's hands in red tape and buy time to blitzkreig the town with TDS fiber. TDS just needed a diversion, which the legal department was (I'm sure) happy to cook up.

Comment Re:Cars (Score 3, Interesting) 665

I'm fairly certain that even if it is stolen, if you buy goods without knowledge that they are stolen (i.e., in good faith) you are considered a buyer in the ordinary course of business and you'll take free of any prior interests. It's called the "garage sale rule". The person from whom it was stolen can still hold the thief liable for damages, but can't get their original goods back. If that's the case here, this guy is legally the rightful owner and Alienware should treat him as such.

Submission + - OOXML another step closer to become ISO standard

Hymer writes: Network World has a story about the MS OOXML way to bacame an ISO standard. From the article: The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced that Open XML had moved to the next phase of review by being included on the ISO's 5-month ballot, which was sent out Monday and is due to close Sept. 2. The voting will be followed by an ISO Ballot Resolution meeting.

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