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Journal ellem's Journal: Bush in 30 Seconds 3

From here

OK has about as much sway on me as a tie rod in France does but What The Hell (tm) let's see what they got.

So far they got crap. I like the numbers game. That's the one where 8000-20000 civilians have been killed in Iraq. I also like the really bad lisp on the annoucer for Army of One. Smart move, make it so I can't understand what you're saying.

Now Liberals have one thing going for them, they're a creative bunch what with all the empathy and such. But these suck! I mean these are really just bad.

PLEASE pick one of these and run it during the Superbowl so the Republican Party can save most of the War Chest Money for 2008.

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Bush in 30 Seconds

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