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Comment Re:In Seattle... (Score 1) 201

You would think Seattle, WA (home of Microsoft, etc) would have a virtual cornucopia (sp) of broadband options??

Microsoft isn't in Seattle, it's in Redmond. Seattle might as well be Forks as far as MS is concerned.

From what I've read about the situation, it's only Seattle that has such horrible internet service. All the other cities there are fine: Redmond, Tacoma, etc.

Comment Re:Less Space than a Nomad. (Score 2) 300

Most people bitch about their cell phone battery life but that hasn't led to Apple doing anything but making their phones thinner and their batteries smaller.

Well WTF do they expect? If they bitch and complain, and then run out and pay top dollar anyway for a device they bitch and complain about, why would the vendor bother listening to their complaints?

Comment Re:Buzzword du jour (Score 1) 108

The power and sophistication of say pattern matching can span a wide continuous range. For the high-end techniques, most are okay with calling them "AI". The medium and low end will invite more debate.

That marketers throw around "AI" a bit much, I agree. Whether its a misuse for this particular gizmo depends on how its done and how well its done.

Comment Re:Low end? (Score 2) 142

I swear to god Apple is like a "stupid" tax.

Not exactly. Taxes are involuntary: you're required to pay them whether you want to or not. No one is forcing anyone to buy an Apple. People do this entirely willingly, just like they happily and willingly buy or pay for things like cable TV (including premium sports channels), church tithes, horrifically expensive handbags or designer clothes like from Coach or Gucci, Jeeps, or Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

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