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Submission + - 3D-Printer Cranks Out Custom Shoes (

fangmcgee writes: To create each shoe, the printer uses a 3D model of a person’s foot to lay down successive layers of powdered material (in this case two photopolymers), which are then cured using ultraviolet rays. By layering the two materials in different ways, multiple material properties can be created. The shoe is also designed to be easily dismantled, so worn-out parts can be replaced without sacrificing the entire shoe.

Submission + - Starcraft II rated 18+ in South Korea (

ThinkerR writes: Starcraft 2 has been rated 18+ in South Korea the 19th of April. But why ? An article published eight months ago says it's because there is no LAN. With no LAN every tournament has to happen through, which means more royalties for Blizzard and less money for Kespa (Korean e-Sports Players Association).
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - City of Heroes announces Issue 15: Anniversary (

Pamela Blalock writes: "Issue 14: Architect just went live about a month ago. The folks over at Paragon Studios and NCSoft are already announcing the details of the next content expansion to City of Heroes/Villains.

Issue 15: Anniversary details release the day of CoH/V's 5 year anniversary. Going down the page in summary proves a long list of additions!

A new task force involving the 5th Column group will be added for both heroes and villains to conquer. An amazing 15 costume sets will be included with names like Vines and Ulterior. Players will also have 20 new faces to choose from. Additonally, new costume change emotes are in Issue 15. You'll be able to do a backflip when you change costumes. This feature was found in the Magic Booster Pack, but of course that pack had different emotes. Finally, there will also be improvements to the mission architect feature like better search functions.

I'll keep you updated on this Issue as more information becomes available.
UPDATE: Positron made a 5 year anniversary speech on the live servers on April 28th. After wishing everyone a happy anniversary, he stated that the closed beta for Issue 15: Anniversary will be beginning soon and everyone with an active account will have access to the beta."

Internet Explorer

Submission + - How do I convince Execs to drop IE6 support? 1

AnderMoney writes: "I work as a web developer for a massive multinational corporation that has Windows XP and IE6 deployed on all of its users desktops worldwide. As someone who supports our web applications I'm often frustrated by the inadequate and non-compliant nature of older versions of Internet Explorer and I would like to do the world a favor by getting as many users away from it as possible. That being said, the people in charge of these kind of decisions are focused more on avoiding the cost of deploying a new browser on an extremely high number of desktop machines. What evidence can I use to convince them to upgrade? How can I show that it's security flaws and poor rendering are valid reasons to drop support for it?"

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