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Submission + - Chessboxing Storming the Athletic World

samzenpus writes: Have you been craving an athletic competition that combines the raw physical energy of a chess match and the cognitive discipline of boxing? Crave no more. Chessboxing is here. No really, Chessboxing. As the name suggests, Chessboxing combines rounds of chess alternating with rounds of boxing. If there is no winner after 11 rounds, the match is awarded to the fighter with the most points in the boxing ring. Dutch artist, Iepe Rubingh, created chessboxing in 2003. He says, "I got the idea from a Serbian comic. It looked great. I wanted to see if it would work."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Untold Story of the World's Biggest Diamond Heist (

An anonymous reader writes: just posted an exclusive story about the 2003 Antwerp diamond heist, known as "the biggest diamond heist in history" in which roughly $100 million worth of diamonds were stolen. The story, from WIRED's April issue, includes never-before-told details about the heist and an exclusive interview with Leonardo Notarbartolo who has never before admitted to the crime nor talked to a journalist. This week, he was released from prison on good behavior.

Man Hides Castle Behind Hay Bales

A UK farmer built an entire mock castle and kept it hidden behind bales of hay for 4 years to avoid building regulations. The builder wants to take advantage of a provision of planning law that allows buildings without planning permission to be declared legal if no objections have been made after four years. The county council is not happy and is moving their mock seige weaponry towards the farm.
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple: No upgade path for MacPro owners to 8800GT (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple has largely ignored this: In their release of Nvidia 8800GT kits for the Early 2008 MacPro. Thats right folks, if you have a MacPro from the previous generation, even one purchased in December of this year, Apple has said officially on their support sites that you cannot upgrade to the 8800GT. Something to do with their ROMs. Apple's site offered the 8800GT upgrade kit for a brief time but then quickly acted to cancel customer orders. Nate Doss, an executive in customer relations said he was told by engineers they have no plans to make the 8800GT compatible with older Mac Pros. Call him at 1-916-399-7032 and ask him yourself. Also here: And Here:

Submission + - Suicide Booths to be around this year

liquidat writes: "I just like to remind everyone that — according to Futurama — this year is the year of the Suicide Booths! In the first episode of Futurama, it is said:
"You are now dead. Thank you for using Stop'n'Drop, America's favorite suicide booth since 2008."
If anyone sees them around, please write a review about them!"

Submission + - The Need For Unions?

Vicissidude writes: AT&T mobility informed its nationwide help desk employees that their jobs will be outsourced to IBM beginning next year. The company told the employees in an email and a nationwide conference call on October 4th, "This is to let you know that your job functions and position will be transitioned to IBM effective January 1, 2008." At least 100 employees in the Bothell, WA location will lose their jobs, and scores of other workers around the country in locations such as CA, NJ and GA will also be impacted. However, their jobs could have been saved. WashTech, a union for high-tech workers, attempted to organize the Bothell IT department in 2005, but failed in gathering a majority of workers in signing union recognition cards. Union organizers at the time raised the outsourcing issue noting that without the protections of a union contract, the company can outsource these jobs at any time. Employees at the time cockily responded that their jobs would never be outsourced.

Submission + - Nigeria asks Gates to prove he can pay his way (

Andy Ruddock writes: Obviously concerned with the vast floods of currency leaving the country to helpful Westerners bank accounts :

The Nigerian government recently questioned whether Microsoft chairman Bill Gates could afford to support himself during a planned visit to the African country.

According to a report on Gizmodo, Nigerian officials required proof that the world's richest man would not reside in Nigeria indefinitely and cause a strain on social services before granting him a visa.

Travel and visa assistance company CIBT helped Gates to overcome the problem by obtaining a letter from his bank vouching for his personal wealth. The Nigerian government then issued Gates with his visa.

Forbes recently announced that Gates has retained his standing at the top of the Rich List with a personal fortune estimated at $59bn.

Wireless Networking

Submission + - free WiFi on Buses (

An anonymous reader writes: The CBC is reporting that buses in Moncton, NB Canada are getting free WiFi on its 4 express bus routes. What a great way to encourage people to take the bus. Actually making time spent travelling useful.

Submission + - Ohio official docked vacation time for stolen tape (

Lucas123 writes: "The missing tape, stolen from an intern's car, contained data on all 64,467 state employees, 19,388 former employees and 47,245 Ohio taxpayers. The state believes the incident will cost them $3 million. So after four months of deliberation, the Ohio Department of Administrative Services announced today that they decided to take a week's vacation away from Jerry Miller, their payroll team leader and they guy in charge of the missing data, according to Brian Fonseca at Computerworld."

Submission + - Anti-Theft Software: Cell Phone, Mac, PDA, iPod (

kwestin writes: "A new startup company called GadgetTrak that has developed theft recovery software for mobile and removable media devices, as well as Apple computers.

Their cell phone software GadgetTrak PhoneBak works by detecting if an unauthorized SIM card is put in the phone, it will then silently send an SMS message to a preset number with the new phone number as well as IDs that can identify the person for law enforcement. It currently works with Symbian phones (Nokia, Samsung etc) and Windows Mobile PDAs (Treo etc), with Sony Ericsson support coming out next week.

If a Mac is stolen their software GagdgetTrak Verey will activate the iSight camera and capture video of the thief and email it to the owner along with network information including all wireless networks in the area. It can also be configured to notify your Twitter account for additional notifications.

The iPod theft recovery software GadgetTrak USB actually works with all kinds of devices including other MP3 players, Sony PSPs, GPS devices, digital cameras, flash drives and more. When the storage device is accessed it will trigger the software to communicate with their server, if it has been flagged as stolen it will gather information from the host system including IP adddress, network address, user name, computer name and more."


Submission + - Confusion About Swastika Symbol (

An anonymous reader writes: In the United Kingdom earlier this month, the clothing shop Zara yielded to complaints by removing a line of handbags whose design included a swastika. Days later, the U.S. Navy announced that a barracks complex at its Coronado Island base in Southern California will undergo more than half a million dollars in renovations after aerial images on Google Earth revealed the pattern of swastika. But many Western people don't see the big picture. Here's an interesting Sept. 28 statement from Rael: "There is a great deal of misinformation and misunderstanding in the West about this beautiful symbol that was so brutally tarnished by the Nazi regime," "Hitler stole the swastika and dragged it through history's dung heap, but to tens of millions of people around the world, it was — and still is — a symbol of peace and good will. In Sanskrit, it means "well being" or "cycle of life". In Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, it is a symbol of well being that is often used for meditation. In fact, it's used in temples worldwide."

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