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Comment CherryPy (Score 2, Interesting) 409

I'm long time Java developer myself and I find Python to be a natural transition. We've been using CherryPy at work and it's a pleasure to use. Clean, concise and simple. And it has a number of templating languages to use as well.

@WilliamBaughman GWT is nice, but it's different than most web frameworks. It's Java code compiled into Javascript. The times I've used it I've come away thinking it has some great features, but it's a little heavy for my taste. Haven't used it in about 3 years though.

Visually Demonstrating Chrome's Rendering Speed 140

eldavojohn writes "Recent betas of Google's Chrome browser are getting seriously fast. Couple that with better hardware, on average, and it's getting down to speeds that are difficult to demonstrate in a way users can appreciate. Which is why Google felt that some Rube Goldberg-ish demonstrations with slo-mo are in order. Gone are the days of boring millisecond response time metrics."

Comment Re:Video (Score 0) 1671

The pilots weren't concerned about the perps firing on them moron, rather the column of troops in the area, where they had been fired on earlier.

Also, rules of engagement state that you can't fire on a vehicle if it's marked, and the van clearly was not.

A few of the guys in the crowd were clearly up to no good, carrying AK47's, so embedding yourself with them is a risk, and those guys lost.

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