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Submission + - "The Hobbit" pub threatened with lawsuit. ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: "The Hobbit" a small pub in Southampton, England has been threatened with a lawsuit by lawyers representing the Saul Zaentz Company (SZC) in California. the pub which has traded under the name for the last 20 years without incident now faces closure if it does not change it's name. Yet another example of big business trying to use it's weight to get it's way.

Submission + - Sarah Palin joins up with Fox news (

el3mentary writes: Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin has signed on as a contributor to Fox News Channel, her lawyer announced.
Ms Palin, who ran for the post of vice-president during the 2008 election on a Republican ticket, stepped down as Alaska governor in July 2009.
Fox News said that while Ms Palin would not have her own programme, she would appear on the channel on a regular basis as part of a multi-year deal.


Submission + - New "Wet Computer" to Mimic Neurons in the Brain (

ScuttleMonkey writes: "A new type of "wet computer" that mimics the actions of neurons in the brain is slated to be built thanks to a 1.8m-euro EU emerging technologies program. The goal of the project is to explore new computing environments rather than to build a computer that surpasses current performance of conventional computers. "The group's approach hinges on two critical ideas. First, individual "cells" are surrounded by a wall made up of so-called lipids that spontaneously encapsulate the liquid innards of the cell. Recent work has shown that when two such lipid layers encounter each other as the cells come into contact, a protein can form a passage between them, allowing chemical signalling molecules to pass. Second, the cells' interiors will play host to what is known as a Belousov-Zhabotinsky or B-Z chemical reaction. Simply put, reactions of this type can be initiated by changing the concentration of the element bromine by a certain threshold amount.""

Slashdot Turns 100,000 443

This entry represents the 100,000th story posted on Slashdot. Technically this is a bit late since we're missing the first few months of stories from the DB, but there are now 100k items in the story database and I thought that milestone was worthy of sharing with the universe. We've come a long way in the last 12 years, and while the site isn't always exactly what I want it to be, I'm very proud of the work done by our thousands of submitters and by the editors our readers have "affectionately" referred to as "The Slashdot Janitors" for so many years. Special grats to timothy who is just short of his 17,000th story and is far and away the most prolific person here. The hall of fame has a few other bits of trivia.

Submission + - SPAM: FBI: Rogue antivirus scammers have made $150M 2

alphadogg writes: They're the scourge of the Internet right now and the FBI says they've also raked in more than $150 million for scammers. Security experts call them rogue antivirus programs. The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center issued a warning over this fake antivirus software Friday, saying that Web surfers should be wary of sudden pop-up windows that report security problems on their computers. This software can appear almost anywhere on the Web. Typically, the scam starts with an aggressive pop-up advertisement that looks like some sort of virus scan. Often it's nearly impossible to get rid of the pop-up windows. Of course, the scan turns up problems, and the pop-up windows say the only way to get rid of them is to pull out a credit card and pay.
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Submission + - Apple Countersues Nokia Over Patents

adeelarshad82 writes: About two months ago Nokia sued Apple for infringing Nokia patents in its iPhone. The 10 patents in the lawsuit, filed in the U.S. state of Delaware, relate to technologies fundamental for devices using GSM, UMTS and/or local area network (LAN) standards. The patents cover wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption and are infringed by all Apple iPhone models shipped since the iPhone was introduced in 2007. In the latest development to the case, Apple said Friday that it had filed its own suit against Nokia, countering Nokia's claims of patent infringement with its own.

Comment Re:Don't buy inkjets period (Score 1) 970

It's simple. Don't buy inkjets.

I wouldn’t go that far. You should just buy smart. Do not buy anything with Lexmark, Epson or Canon on it (especially Lexmark, they are evil). Check beforehand if the cartridges can be refilled.

I’ve bought an HP inkjet+scanner (F350 or something) 2 years back. I print a lot. The cartridge is an HP21 cartridge. The printer costed around $60 bucks with a colour and black cartridge (multiple uses). To refill a cartridge you simply pull the sticker back, stick a needle in the hole and inject ink. It is as fast as immunising a rat. For the black cartridges (I don’t use colour) I get about 30 refills before the quality declines. A refill costs about $1 and is good for about half a ream of paper.

I’ve shopped around for cartridges also. In brand name shops a cartridge will cost around $37. I found cartridges that sell for $20 though (imported from Singapore). This is original, brand new HP21 cartridges (probably gray imports). The moral of the story is to shop around.

Also, if you are refilling, check that the cartridge doesn’t run dry (this damages the printhead and reduces the quality). As soon as you are out of ink you should refill. Another thing is that if you use Vista, use the native Vista drivers. The normal drivers are irritating (telling you the cartridge is empty when you refilled it. This doesn’t prevent printing but it is irritating).

One of my family members picked up a printer printing with an HP21 cartridge for around $40 dollars. This included the cartridges. The only catch was that it came with a funny plug that had to be replaced (probably a grey import from a funny country). HP printers are also nice for printing double sided pages.

Many cheap laser printers have the same model as cheap inkjet printers (Gillette model: Give the shaver away and sell the blades). So their refills are extremely expensive.


Turn an iPhone Into a Pocket Theremin 31

Earyauteur writes "The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) is running a story on an interesting motion-controlled iPhone application which uses the iPhone's 3-axis accelerometer to control a digital synthesizer. The musical instrument is played much like a theremin with the added ability to perform music using different musical scales. TUAW also links to a YouTube video which shows a performer demonstrating the iPhone instrument."

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