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Submission + -, a potential trademark or copyright typo-squatting threat? ( 3

ehrichweiss writes: Today I stumbled upon by mistake. It looked like someone mistakenly entered it twice but being curious, I had to click and what I found was a site that copies domain names as if they were subdomains but they don't seem to contain any actual content. Searching Google for "" returned sites like,, etc. apparently to collect ad revenue. Figuring that this couldn't be legal I clicked on their legal link and it appears that they're well aware of the threat they pose with all the references they give to trademark. If they added content, especially if it's original, then this site would be significantly more dangerous in the typo-squatting arena. The biggest question raised by myself is, why didn't ICANN, etc. secure this and similar domains that could be used like this?

Comment Olympus isn't too bad. (Score 1) 569

Olympus' "Four-thirds" system is supposed to be great for n00bs at giving better color toward the fringes of the image, though it gives more noise at higher ISO levels. I use the Evolt E-510 and it's pretty decent. There's a "micro-Four-thirds" system that's supposed to be better but I have zero experience with it.

Comment Re:Interoperability (Score 1) 207

"I love when people start out saying they're an ignorant AC."

I shouldn't have to follow the conversation if the quotes hadn't been edited by the AC(see what I did there? that's what happened to me only the original quote was significantly further up the page and I had no reason to think the AC I was replying to had actually made the corrections)


Submission + - Tool cracks SSL cookies in just ten minutes (

ehrichweiss writes: Researchers in Buenos Aires are to release a tool called B.E.A.S.T(Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS) that can crack SSL cookies in about 10 minutes.

From the article: "On Friday, 23 September, at the Ekoparty security conference in Buenos Aires, researchers Juliano Rizzo and Thai Duong are planning to present a tool known as BEAST (Browser Exploit Against SSL/TLS). The tool allows an attacker on the same network to intercept and decrypt SSL cookies by performing a 'blockwise-adaptive chosen-plaintext' attack on encrypted packets.... According to comments made by Rizzo to The Register, BEAST is now able to crack an encrypted PayPal cookie in less than ten minutes."

Comment Re:Apple Fans (Score 1) 325

Sold it back in 1999 and bought a few SGI workstations with the money when it became clear I couldn't afford to buy any more Amiga gear(people apparently think it's worth more than gold).. Someone gave me a fully working A500 a year ago but I haven't gotten a chance to tinker with monitor, etc..

Comment Re:Apple Fans (Score 3, Informative) 325

No, they've been like this for a long, long time. About 18 years ago I got into 3D animation with the Amiga/VideoToaster(because Lightwave was still tied into the VT hardware back then) and was interested in talking with others in the field. Lo and behold one of the first people I meet is some little twerp telling me how Apple was going to rule the 3D world like it did desktop publishing...Lightwave was lame and never going to go anywhere and Strata3D was the best software there was. Less than a year later Babylon 5 came out and about a year after that I never heard anything about Strata except as some form of lame utility or something...but Lightwave is still going strong AFAIK. That's not entirely directly related to Apple but he was an Apple user and had the same fucking nasty attitude that we see today...

Comment Re:Higgs Boson == /dev/null (Score 1) 196

Possibly, but the idea didn't originate with Mead; it's been around long enough that they were considering it in the days of Einstein, even if they rejected it at the time. But there's more than
just Mead, myself, and some old fogies taking this line of thinking seriously...

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