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Comment Water boils in a vacuum (Score 1) 48

And ice can also quickly sublimate in a vacuum depending on the temperature, and during the day the Moon temperature rises above the boiling, let alone melting point of water. The Moon's gravity is too low to retain water vapor, so as soon as you get liquid water it disappears within minutes. Meters of ice would sublimate in a day. If the Moon had a 3 km thick layer of ice, like we do, it would sublimate in 10 years.
You don't need heat or impacts, just some basic knowledge of thermodynamics.These well-known facts have been around for over 100 years.
You would have to have ice in permanent shadow at the bottom of a polar crater to get water. But, on a side note, we already sent impactors to the most likely place where water could theoretically exist and did not find any.

Comment Re:so is there a good theory? (Score 1) 470

I don't know much about Physics but I did some quick math on the NASA results and we are talking about 5 micronewtons per watt, not 0.1 newtons per watt.
If this affects your conclusion about perpetual motion, or not, is something I am not knowledgeable enough to judge. But I would love to learn more from you!

Comment Advanced aliens / technologies do not exist (Score 1) 69

It seems to me that it is a safe bet that the known limitations of Physics will never be overcome, to such an extent that we will be able to dominate the galaxy. I.e. FTL travel doesn't seem like it will ever be more than science fiction. Many phenomena are governed by a dipole curve, where things start slowly, then hit a tipping point where they rapidly accelerate until they reach a new level of stability. You see this in economics, in Physics / Chemistry, in the evolution of new species, etc.

Why are we alone then? If alien civilizations had arisen 1 billion years before ours, and developed technology beyond our dreams, wouldn't they at least leave a trail of some kind?

Something to consider is that radioactivity decreases with the age of the universe. There is a certain probability that a % of an element will be a radioactive isotope when such elements are created. Less and less heavy elements are being created as the universe ages, and existing ones decay. This means that life will arise more easily.

Comment 3+ miles for me! (Score 4, Insightful) 156

If you divide the distance walked by the number of days since I started playing... which includes many days where I didn't play, and some where I played 8 hours.
Lost 15 lb and slimmed down considerably!
Also met two really cute geek girls who were happy to let me play with their, ahem, pokemon! ;)
Grab them by the pokemon I say! :D

Comment Re:OMG (Score 1) 167

There is a limit to how much plants and algae can survive with existing nutrients, plus we've been killing them. Not to mention some stuff falls to the ground or the ocean bottom, never to return its oxygen again. Not everything rots.I imagine complex life having arisen and expanded even before we were around might have had something to do with it as well. Lots of animals eat plants.

Comment I hate coding (Score 1) 192

And that is precisely why I am good at it. I would never write long-winded BS that was mostly copy-pasted, loaded with huge if-else chains that can't be unit tested.
At my current job I delete more code than I produce. I refactor the BS written by junior coders in the past ten years and it is not uncommon to replace 100 lines of code with 2 or 3. Deleting BS code is so satisfying 3
"Work smarter, not harder!"

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