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Comment Re:First post! (Score 1) 432

I agree. Indirectly this also effects battery life by a large amount since a power heavy processor like the Atom requires considerably more battery power and from that weight. iPad is too heavy as is! I tend to take my iPad out of its case when reading at night because the case adds a small but noticeable amount of weight.

Comment Re:Even more useless... (Score 1) 457

Haha, good eye. I really botched my response. What I meant to say was that the AK was more susceptible to failure than the AR-15/M-16 when it gets dirty. The video I linked to was one part of a series comparing to two. I can't seem to find the one that compares them side by side. - I think this is it, but it's in black and white for some reason...

Comment Re:why is something rational and rightful modded d (Score 1) 370

Right now your personal preferences are set to one of two things:
a)Search Engine = Default
b)Search Engine = Google

If it is 'a', you're still going to be using the "Default" search engine. Now the "Default" is Yahoo.
If it is 'b', you're still going to be using "Google".

They have not "changes [your] already saved settings to something [you] didnt choose for".

Go eat a Cheeto, count to 10, and come back once you've gotten your nerd rage under control.

Comment Re:Coming to a disaster near you. (Score 1) 452

It was really interesting reading these post to find out that Seagate bought Maxtor (I think maybe you got mixed up - no biggie). It just so happens that I've had MANY problems with both of these drives throughout the years. I found a Seagate not long ago for a very good price and decided to buy it despite something in the back of my head telling me to go for the more expensive WD beside it. Of course, once I get it home it failed almost immediately. That pretty much sealed the deal for me - I'm with WD from here on out. I understand that they're both supposedly good manufacturers, but I can't help but recognize that all of my WD drives have been stable, long lasting, and generally smooth sailing all the way. Unfortunately, this has been far from the case with Seagate/Maxtor.

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