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Wireless Networking

Submission + - Does powerline networking nuke radio hams? (pcpro.co.uk)

Barence writes: "Since writing about the success he's had with powerline networking, a number of readers emailed PC Pro's Paul Ockendon to castigate him for recommending these products, such as HomePlug. They were all amateur radio enthusiasts, claiming the products affect their hobby in much the same way that urban lighting affects amateur astronomers, but rather than causing light pollution they claim powerline networking causes radio pollution in the HF band (otherwise known as shortwave). Paul's follow-up feature, "Does powerline networking nuke radio hams?" documents his investigation into these claims, which found evidence to support both sides of an intriguing debate."

Submission + - How Microsoft has changed without Bill Gates (silicon.com)

mightysquirrel writes: It's been a year since Bill Gates left Microsoft in his official capacity. At the time many speculated his departure would spark a significant shift in Redmond. But how much has really changed during Microsoft's first year without Gates?

Submission + - Tactical Communication: what is your understanding (questionform.com)

ghostcorps writes: "Good morning/afternoon all,

I am currently completing a research project as part of my Masters course in eForensics and Enterprise Security. I have chosen to investigate the usefulness of employing language obfuscation methods to secure open-channel communications.

I am posting here to request responses to my survey from anyone in the IT industry, not simply security.

Please Click here to complete the survey

There are only four short questions, these are not deep queries, rater they are intended to get a picture of the general understanding (if any) of the topic.

I would also like to request interviews or perhaps just a post below from anyone who is highly experienced in this area, from either side of the line.

As this is not a formal research project I can not advise that the results will be published, however I would be more than happy to provide you with a final copy of the project if you would like.

Below is the outline of my project and the questions I would like to ask:

Tactical Communication (TactComm):
The use of specialized language techniques to provide secure communication over an open channel.

Project Framework:
Corporate environments often involve verbal communication over open channels; this is fraught with information leakage vectors. This danger may be significantly reduced by identifying and obfuscating the key data with tactical communication methods.

That implementing a tactical communication procedure is necessary and viable in environments where sensitive data must be discussed over open channels."


Submission + - SPAM: R-Quest

nathan123 writes: "R-Quest's CD/DVD flash jet printer offers printing with high sharpness and excellent performance. With industrial build quality, R-quest's flash jet printer is the only disc printer in the market that can stop printing when it believes that there is not enough ink let to print accurately."
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Submission + - Dogs' water bowl may have ignited fire (nwsource.com)

Jeff writes: "Is solar power our new enemy or did the dogs know exactly what they were doing? The Seattle Times reports that "The spring sunlight that delighted so many across the Puget Sound region this weekend may have been responsible for setting a deck on fire Sunday. After ruling out other possible causes, investigators for the Bellevue Fire Department blamed the blaze on the dogs' glass water bowl. The partially-filled bowl apparently concentrated the sun's rays like a magnifying glass, said Lt. Eric Keenan, the department's community liaison officer...The deck was destroyed and the adjacent kitchen badly burned. Total damage was estimated at about $215,000.""

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