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Comment Re:Just use Ubuntu (Score 0) 510

You don't need to stick to Windows-like interface. Ubuntu has got a fine one, and is polished distro, that deserves respect for good job done.
Ubuntu has introduced exactly positive rationale behind Windows: simplified usability, abstracting to hide unnecessary detail.
While still it is Linux/Unix industrial grade control, would you need to go deeper.

Comment Re:People agree that Windows 10 has better tech (Score 1) 503

You should be in minority, because Win7 UI is maintaining structure and hierarchy (while also providing search helpers), whereas Win10 is much more loose collection of elements, able to navigate mostly trough search requests, that are likely to change their names and compositions a lot with the permanent flow of updates, that address the very interface with ease.

Win10 gathers interface weaknesses of Android and adds unpredictability of the web - you have loose and permanently changing interface, which is UI from the hell.

Comment Re: the smell of E-6 in the morning (Score 1) 213

True, just companies are not destined to be eternally great. Sometimes they are in the right place at the right time, and do the right thing to prosper. Other times they do only in-average, therefore are not in the best league. As to camera design/manufacturing - isn't it, that most, if not all, of them now have very similar genes of Japanese precision R&D, followed by more economic Asian manufacturing? Kodak wasn't in this line by its legacy, while sporadic attempts were falling out of that winning model.

Comment Re: the smell of E-6 in the morning (Score 1) 213

Do failed companies have growing sales and expansion of their products? Kodak is well regarded as emulsion supplier, and expensive it is, the larger format, the more crazier. They well can be not into digital, not discovering their thing in this amalgama of electronic sophistication and variations of the same Double-Gaussian lens world. They do not have to, and even if they tried, not each company has the same fortunes - not a problem itself. You have more film/chemical companies with other successful brands like Ilford or Foma. It is still business. May be growing, even if you refuse to accept that part.

Comment Re:the smell of E-6 in the morning (Score 1) 213

Everybody knows that. Sales of film are rising, as is demand for it, somehow you seem to not obey this. Kodak did not miss photo boat neither, as it is well known to be of essential force, breaking-in popular use of photographic media. Also, I observe tendency of analogue photographic equipment to be grabbed at high prices, either for collection or most-likely: use. It needs film. To handle film is unlike handling smartphone.

Comment Re:Hate the office life (Score 1) 250

I am in Eastern part of Europe, but should be closer in terms of accumulated age and experience - our IT jobs became routine, instead of innovative mission, and are losing associated engineering ethics as a way of proper acting. It is more business and commerce, than engineering in general. Somewhere there still must be islands of break-trough innovation, and hopefully an engineering culture, but more common in our field is worker's work to routinely cover this and that.

Economy OTOH is abysmal in many places, but China and such. That's the hidden cost of the dumb consumer race towards cheapest. As long, as general layout of that remains the same, things gonna stay the same (i.e. be getting worse).

Comment Re:Hate the office life (Score 1) 250

Yep, I had quite some success, having more separate room with my computing equipment in it, to work at.
I do understand your concern very well - for me at the moment the problem is in not having clear cut holidays, as
my clients are not disappearing for any while, and the model is of help/reaction service. In a result, it is rather
exhausting to find yourself in that mode for over decade now, with only occasional short pieces of time grabbed to myself,
moving out of here for a brief whiles.
It turns even worse with the clients constantly looking into increase of their profits at the expense of IT corner.
Started checking for next job.

Comment Re:Hate the office life (Score 1) 250

that job can easily be done from anywhere else in the world for less money

Only assuming there is no specific value of talent and accumulated knowledge. While in reality there should be some, and perhaps quite some.
Interaction can help you exchange, but obligatory exchange can waste your focus. There are no simplistic answers, there are benefits and losses in any model.

Comment edis (Score 1) 280

I bet it is still configurable, like it was last time I was digging how to switch default shell in Win10. It must only be that PowerShell became default that is shown for user in interactive dialogs, and only that fact of default change is bit surprising, as preferences are up to user to decide. If we are talking default in newly deployed system - it's OK, if any update would trigger default - that would mean problem in MS thinking.

Comment About quality and choice on platform of preference (Score 1) 268

Expressed statements are risky, but not that invalid. There well may exist some best-in-class software, being either closed source, not money-free or both. Being available for open platform is open option, real choice. It should be no secret, that not every niche is covered by open-source siblings equally well in every regard. While matters continue to be so, platform is stronger, being covered with another option.

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