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Comment edis (Score 1) 280

I bet it is still configurable, like it was last time I was digging how to switch default shell in Win10. It must only be that PowerShell became default that is shown for user in interactive dialogs, and only that fact of default change is bit surprising, as preferences are up to user to decide. If we are talking default in newly deployed system - it's OK, if any update would trigger default - that would mean problem in MS thinking.

Comment About quality and choice on platform of preference (Score 1) 268

Expressed statements are risky, but not that invalid. There well may exist some best-in-class software, being either closed source, not money-free or both. Being available for open platform is open option, real choice. It should be no secret, that not every niche is covered by open-source siblings equally well in every regard. While matters continue to be so, platform is stronger, being covered with another option.

Comment Re:The real question in all this: (Score 1) 138

It is about professional and most efficient handling of the given circumstances. We are mostly professionals gathering here. Teenagers are not very likely to have balls for arranging that scale of operations with the quality needed.

I am not going to deal with your opinion just because it bears very little in the above-mentioned light of professional stance.

Comment Re:The real question in all this: (Score 1) 138

You can widen the use of the word, deriving from what terror is associated with:
ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French terrour, from Latin terror, from terrere ‘frighten.’
Take a look at the meanings of terrorize, for your next.

If digging a little, you would quickly find, that "the definition of terrorism has proven controversial".
This gives you no good ground to tell that you know better than others what the word means.

Comment Re:The real question in all this: (Score 1) 138

There is something to make good out of this very bad habit: those, that were certainly cornered into making pay terrorists, have to recognize need to submit any decryption tools they were provided with to the people, fighting terrorists of that kind. That including analysts of the BleepingComputer community, makers of security tools, Kaspersky is one that springs to mind in regard to providing decryption utilities for public. Traces of communication and funds have to be professionally investigated as well, as far as it is possible.

There is no acceptable answer in just paying ransom, funding terrorists for their next gigs.

Comment Re:Backups? (Score 1) 159

They spend quite a lot, but if you follow corporate strategies closely, you have left no room for local ideas. The thing is: central decisions, high expectations on units' results, local concerns they do have not that much in common. Of course, GMs of the units try to meet ends, but all those constraints differ just by design of the structure. And if you didn't know, it is major challenge for an organization to grow. One of the biggest, I'd say.

Comment Re:Backups? (Score 1) 159

It is very large, fast or even fastest in their profile growing corporation, but each unit is stuffed with equipment, very naturally prone to hazards. IT does make forefront of abilities to grow fast, but at the same time each particular unit is set high expectation of profit returns. I hope this enlightens you tiny bit more.

Comment Re:Backups? (Score 1) 159

Tape drives are great, just expensive to purchase and of limited capacity. You keep some tapes offsite - probably in your bank, by the way. How will your setup stand flood (now occurring periodically in the buildings I watch) or fire? Arrangement itself is good. You are overly confident in your personal experience.

Comment Re:Backups? (Score 1) 159

When you have reality client with the mission on profit, who does not want to spend on new backup equipment before seeing old one definitely die, does not want to spend on outsourced services beyond the utmost necessity, but naturally has ever growing set of files - you have reality looking into your face for some reasonable choices. Then you do the best, you can, but it is not dream come true.

Comment Re:Backups? (Score 1) 159

You see, everyone is using computers nowadays. Everyone. Which means, that you are actually dealing with the whole spectrum of users, that's given. As an IT administrator, I am given that given, too. Of course, there are some users that are not able to handle one challenge or another, or nearly any sometimes.
It's us, IT guys, who keep backups for those users (well, best of us do). There is no good mapping in that structure, if it is mature enough to be of structured kind.

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