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Comment ingenious but temporary? (Score 1) 159

I think this is great for scratch pads but unless there's also a way to make the print last longer the applications would be limited. "If left alone, the paper reverts to its original state in five days. That process can be accelerated by heating the paper to 120 C (250 F) for 10 minutes." Slowest Etch-a-Sketch ever?

Submission + - Business Lessons from Mario and Donkey Kong

Esther Schindler writes: As of July 9, it’s been 23 years since Mario and the bellicose King Kong clone appeared in gaming arcades and then spread to our home consoles like kudzu. Since Donkey Kong (the first Mario game) appeared, writes Carol Pinschefsky, we’ve go-carted, golfed, and liberated oppressed princesses in over 250 games. You know what else we did when were saving a damsel in distress from a large, barrel-tossing ape? We learned some honest-to-goodness business lessons.

Yes, it's silly and funny. And then you think, "Wait. That's good advice!"

Submission + - Facebook recruiting Highschool students (

Charliemopps writes: Facebook and other tech firms are hiring ever young and younger talent. But now Facebook is recruiting talent from Highschools and apparently paying as high as $5000 per month for a teenage intern.

Submission + - Japan's Missing Plutonium: How dangerous material falls through the cracks ( 1

Lasrick writes: Japan's missing plutonium has been found, but the larger point of this article remains: 'Most people would agree that keeping track of dangerous material is generally a good idea. So it may come as a surprise to some that the arrangements that are supposed to account for weapon-grade fissile materials—plutonium and highly enriched uranium—are sketchy at best. The most recent example involves several hundreds kilograms of plutonium that appear to have fallen through the cracks in various reporting arrangements.'

Submission + - Oculus VR announces its first Oculus Connect in Los Angeles (

An anonymous reader writes: The virtual reality startup Oculus announced the organization of a conference for professionals, developers and designers. "Oculus Connect" will be held in Los Angeles in September. Objective: To accommodate participants of virtual reality and start creating momentum around Oculus VR after acquisition Oculus last year by Facebook.

The startup virtual reality is now turning to professionals to gauge their interest in technology ... and to develop content. With the video game and animated film in sight, Oculus announced the organization of the first conference for professionals, 19 and 20 September 2014 in Los Angeles. Oculus says on its website "Oculus Connect is a conference that brings together developers, designers and creatives from around the world to share and collaborate new virtual reality experiences".

Submission + - DPAPI Vulnerability Allows Intruders To Decrypt Personal Data

An anonymous reader writes: Passcape Software has discovered a DPAPI vulnerability that could potentially lead to unauthorized decryption of personal data and passwords of interactive domain users. The vulnerability is present in all Windows Server operating systems. DPAPI, first introduced in Windows 2000, is a technology to protect user and application data on the computer. DPAPI on later operating systems including Windows 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2012 while modified is still compatible with that of Windows 2K. Normally, the API encrypts data using the Master Key derived from the user logon password. However, under certain conditions user data can be decrypted without knowing the corresponding logon password.

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