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Comment Using CentOS (Score 2) 90

Buried in the Intel Motheboard PDF on page 10 section 6.8 it says they're using CentOS 5.2 as the OS:

Update from the operating system over the LAN – the OS standard is CentOS v5.2

Also, in the chassis design it seems there are rubber passthrus to allow cables to go between servers above and below each other.

Comment Re:Isn't Xen dead? (Score 1) 105

Virtualbox is their consumer x86 virtualization product, Oracle VM is their x86 enterprise virtualization solution; clusters, high-availability, etc.

Think of it like this:

Virtualbox = VMware Workstation
Oracle VM = ESX/vSphere

Comment Re:Isn't Xen dead? (Score 2) 105

Oracle is trying to enter the x86 virtualization market with Xen in a product called Oracle VM. I've used it, and it's ugly. Besides the PHB marketing tagling of "you can run Oracle on the entire stack!", I've seen no technical reasons to use it over KVM or VMWare in the enterprise.

Comment Re:Choices are ObjC and Java? (Score 1) 111

Or Python or Perl on Android

There's a nice 20% project called Android-Scripting that lets you use scripting languages through an interpreter. Not exactly fast and lacks some features, but it makes it easy to get started with basic Android development in a language you're more familiar with.


Formerly Classified Global Warming Spy Photos Released 791

An anonymous reader writes "The Obama administration has released more than a thousand intelligence images of Arctic ice, following a declassification request by the National Academy of Sciences. The images feature a 1m resolution, and scientists who have had to base climate models on 15m- or 30m-resolution photos are rejoicing. The photos, kept classified by the Bush administration, show the impact of global warming in the Arctic and the retreat of glaciers in Washington and Alaska."

Comment Live Streaming through Moonlight (Score 2, Informative) 212

Miguel de Icaza posted a note this morning saying that after working with MS last night they now have a Moonlight add-on for 32/64-bit and PowerPC Firefox to stream the inauguration live from the official site. The install was quick, although the stream seems to stop and stutter frequently.

Linux Business

Submission + - Dell to Linux users: Not so fast

PetManimal writes: "After all the hubbub over Dell's note about manufacturing Linux-friendly Dells and choosing distros, the company is now telling users not to expect factory-installed Linux laptops and desktops anytime soon:

The company said today that the note was just about certifying the hardware for being ready to work with Novell SUSE Linux, not an announcement that the computers would be loaded and sold with the operating system in the near future.
According to the article, Dell says that lining up certification, support and training will 'take a lot of work.'"

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