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Comment Re:How anyone orchestrates leaks (Score 1) 195

Could it possibly have nothing to do with what Apple offers? I'm not so sure that is correct... how has Apple remained part of the "in-crowd" wants for so long? What's "in" is naturally what's "out" tomorrow. It's how it works. I think that Apple's offerings, the product only being a part (good support for the ENTIRE product being another), has much more to do with it.

Comment Smoke residue (Score 1) 1078

I've worked on machines from smokers only to find the insides covered in fuzzy, sticky brown residue. It smells horrible as well. I can see how this sort of thing could cause warranty issues without question.
If I were Apple, I'd simply take in image of it and show the customer.

Comment Re:Self domesticated (Score 2) 503

"I don't know of many cats that do their business, say, on the couch rather than in a litter box."

Most cats do this instinctually. We've had many cats (kittens, newborns) over the years, and I've never had to "train" them to do so. Just an FYI.

However, we HAVE been able to train a few to do some things, like retrieve a toy, etc...

Submission + - Safari Available for Windows (

Toreo asesino writes: Apple have released Safari for Windows XP and Vista. Currently only in beta 3 stage, it was announced during a conference of developers for Apple products in San Francisco, and shows Apple's clear intention of expanding the 4.9% market share Safari currently has.

Interestingly, Apple also claim their browser is almost 2x the speed of other browsers for html and JavaScript performance.

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