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Comment Are these really drones? (Score 2) 170

I'd like to hear a lot more information about how they identify these drones. Are people really standing near these extremely dangerous, fast moving fires where they could be burned alive to fly their drones? Could be. People do dumb things. Is it pilots spotting drones or people on the ground? Most drones are going to be hard to spot from a moving plane in an area with smoke, wind, fire, flying debris, etc. Most planes are going to be going over 100mph. Stall speed + some margin for error. Unexpected small objects might be hard to correctly identify at this speed.
Do we have video or pictures of the suspect drones or only stories of people who saw one? I assume the drones are getting spectacular footage of these fires and uploading youtube. It would be nice to have links to the videos.
If they have all these drones in the fire areas, I assume they have caught some of the drone operators. There aren't going to be hoards of non-emergency personal in the area near a fire. A guy with a transmitter is going to stick out. He'd be easier to see than a small drone. He's bigger.
A lot of these fires are dangerous because of high winds. What where the winds of at the time the drones were spotted, and what is the upper limit at which a drone can be reasonably operated?

Comment Re:Turbos (Score 1) 136

Yes. Turbos should give you more power per unit of gas. All thinks being equal.
Running during the EPA test you are off turbo, low rpm, low horsepower - say 50hp. You are less efficient, but you are not using a lot of fuel. In the real world, on turbo you are higher rpm, higher horsepower say 250hp. You are more efficient, but you are using a lot more fuel.

The key while driving to getting the EPA's published number is keep acceleration low enough that the turbo doesn't kick in. If you allow the turbo to spool-up, more air goes in, more gas goes in.

As everyone points out, there is a huge amount of "it depends" to all of this.

Comment Turbos (Score 1) 136

The EPA test is run at low intensity/throttle. The turbo is designed so it won't kick in during the test. As long as the turbo isn't spooled up, the engine isn't using much gas. On the road, under real world conditions, you get good performance, but the turbo causes the engine use lots of gas.

I'm not a car expert. This is what was explained to me. The person was in the auto industry, but may have been confused.

Comment Re:Asians (Score 1) 499

Someone doing gender studies might "know" the answer before beginning the study. They may need help making sure they get the "correct" result. It is important to selectively pick data points.
This should be simple. A) Do great/smart work. B) Be willing to work hard, when needed. Hit your deadlines. C) Work/communicate with the team. Do these things and you're an asset. You should be rewarded accordingly.

Comment Re:Asians (Score 2) 499

Where did you get that idea? Go into the office at 7:30am. It is all men and Chinese/Indian women. Go into the office at 7:30pm. Same thing. Chinese and Indian women get better pay and promoted because they bust their asses. I know one example is not a trend, but it seems typical in my experience. I can think of a Chinese girl from MIT. Straight out of school. Worked 12 hours a day. Second year, she was the youngest development manager in the company. And making really good money. She earned it 100%.
Perhaps working hard is a better way to get more money than complaining about being discriminated against.

Comment cheaper way (Score 1) 158

Racing bikes are stupid light. (Actually they are about 14 lbs.) Pick the bike up. Shake it. If it feels light, it is fine. If there is a 2 lbs motor and battery pack in it, you'll me able to feel the weight. Plus, you know the motor is near the crank. The moment of inertial will be all wrong. Racing bike don't have saddle packs, and they certainly don't have saddle packs with batteries.
If you pick up 100+ bike a day, after a while, you will be able to sense: "Wow, this one is different".
Bike mechanics skip the torque wrenches because they learn to get the correct ft-lbs by feel. A 2 lbs difference is a lot on a 14 lbs bike.

Comment This is what we want (Score 1) 111

Put lots of data in one place, it becomes a target.
There seem to be a belief that by using e-records, it will save your life. In an emergency, your records are immediately available. Now you have conflicting goals. 1) Open access (even if you are unconscious) for medical professionals everywhere all the time and 2) locked-down, secure systems.
What we get is a system where medical professionals can't get access to your records when they do need them. The quality of record keeping drops significantly because the systems are completely user unfriendly. And hackers hit the jack-pot when they crack one system because 1000's to 100's of thousands of records are all in one place.
I'll take paper records thank you. Hard to steal. Impossible to hack. If I see another doctor, I know where they are. All it takes is a phone call. If I had a severe problem such as an allergy to a common medicine that could kill me, I'd wear one of those bracelets with my name, condition and doctor's name. EMT's are trained to check for them. I already wear one when cycling with name, blood type and home address.

Comment Pound is in the toliet (Score 3, Interesting) 1592

Ummm. Isn't this want everyone wants? A weak currency? Everyone says China is getting stupid rich and kicking everyone's ass because their currency is weak. It isn't fair! Weak currency == unstoppable.
So now the pound has dropped a lot. All of England's exports just got cheaper. We need US businesses to call them an unfair currency manipulator and push for high tariffs. That will fix things! (this is sarcasm. Something no one seems to get here.)
Me thinks those Savile row suits just became a lot better looking.
Seriously, A weak pound will help the UK. It is a plus when selling your goods. More people will visit.

Comment Re:Whitelist (Score 3, Insightful) 268

They couldn't simply white list her IP. It is a little know fact that her server was on a home connection and she had a dynamic IP. However, the IT team was surprised to learn that was available for DDNS.

(all my facts may or may not be of a questionable source and I preemptively plead the 5th)

Comment hungry (Score 3, Informative) 515

In the 1990's if you were a fresh grad with 80K in student and credit card debt, USD200 to your name and not a soul on earth to help you, coding for 30K a year was a way to put food into your stomach. The offer looked even better with no gas money to get to the next interview. Doesn't matter if you've never written any code. Any fool with a solid IQ and a fire under his ass should be able to get good at coding pretty quick ( finding out about Scott Meyers, Erich Gamma, Fowler, Aho, et. al. early on helped. Need to buy all those guys a beer one day. They saved my ass. )

Comment parallel evidence (Score 4, Funny) 105

Hard to see what the problem. The police gather information illegally with a stingray. Then they know who/what/where to look for. Then they create a secondary story to explain how they made the bust. In the drive through a McDonald's noticed suspect leave motel and get in his car. Suspect stumbled and appeared to be inebriated. When suspect was pulled over, suspect seemed nervous which justified the search which lead to the happy fortuitous discovery of drugs...
No cops where jailed during the crime, so all good.

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