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Comment Re: Neat--until... (Score 1) 218

Meh, it seems a common 'misunderstanding':


Period in the context that you are referring to is used as an idiom of sorts. It means there is no counter argument.

For example, "Chuck Norris will kick anybody's butt, period."


"Abstinence from sex is the best STD prevention, period."

There is usually a pause after the sentence and before the word "period".

Another thing that Americans say instead of "period" is "end of story".

Comment Re: Neat--until... (Score 1) 218

Maybe; maybe not - I'm not disagreeing - simply expressing that I am not inclined to check for myself.

Use of the word 'Period' to indicate that the writer is interested in finalising the discussion after having made their point does little to persuade the reader, regardless of the truth of any assertion.

It seems to me that a writer confident in their assertion would not seek additional pseudo-confirmation.

Comment Re:Unwise to play by the rules? (Score 1) 215

One can sympathise - the government has the greatest coercive force - who would one appeal to if change is the agenda?

Ticking a box once every four years is meaningless as it packages all future issues together such that there's no way to choose and just in case there were some way to choose, that will be nullified by the randomness in the selection process of the vast majority "She's a woman like me therefore believes in women's values", "I like his hair..."

Comment Re:Unwise to play by the rules? (Score 1) 215

Mr. Taxman, my salary isn't money I earn, it just reduces how much I need to pay for food, rent, Internet, booze, and gadgets. If you want, you can tax me on how much money I have left over. Yeah, I don't think that'll work.

One of the many problems with taxation.

Comment Re: Appeal (Score 1) 215

maybe the rules for taxi are no longer needed. Great, let's petition the government to change or revoke them for everybody, not just some companies

The government have such a concentration of power derived from coercive force that they are a target too tempting to pass up for anyone wanting more power. Want something? 'Donate to' (ha-ha) your local official to make it *required*.

Comment Re:Appeal (Score 1) 215

That's funny - here is a guy who cannot keep things in perspective. You're comparing Sweden with the USA or Russia? You can compare Sweden with a US City, not the whole country. You can also compare the USA with the EU. You have no concept of size, do ya... Let me help you out:

Sweden, the country, has the population of what we in the US consider a city. Country > State > City. Your "country" is the size of our City.

We also have stores and companies. A store called Walmart here, which is where I go to buy cheap plastic Chinese garbage cans, and discount tomatoes, has same amount of money per year in sales, as your country's GDP. You're not a country by our standards. You're the size of a city, and you don't exist in economic terms.

American foreign policy condensed to a few paragraphs.


Comment Kettle vs pot (Score 1) 227

But it also says security experts who examined the software are "inherently skeptical" of Huddleston's claim that the software was intended for legal use, since that's "a common claim amongst RAT authors."

Welcome to the rest of the world's view of the justification for the existence of your internal arms industry.

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