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Comment Re: social experiments (Score 3, Insightful) 322

Schools should stick to Reading, Writing and Math, and drop the stupid social experiments that usually cause more problems than they solve.

That's unfair, the underage pregnancy problem apparently existed already whereas the some-company-doesn't-have-lots-of-public-sector-cash has likely been fixed.
Potentially, various other corollary issues involving politicians lacking holiday homes have been at least partially remedied.

Comment Re:Good work guys! (Score 2) 272

Now, if you had just disclosed those vulnerabilities they could probably have been fixed by now. Instead, you failed at keeping them a secret and unknown unsavory parties have a handy trove of exploits ready to be used. I'm not sure that this is what "National Security" looks like, and that's kind of your job.

How much longer are people going to believe that foreign is bad, homegrown is good ?

Think about their actions when evaluating them, not their ancestry.

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