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Comment Re: Hold down power button and ... (Score 1) 373

What was this supposed to prove other than that they have a judge who will rubber-stamp any order no matter how appalling?

More generally, what is it with these people? They want you to do wgst they say for their reasons so they go through this whole charade of 'we live in a democracy' and 'laws are made with the greater good in mind' and then you're supposed to just roll over and do what you're told even though the laws don't apply to those running for the highest office in your country and whenever there's no appropriate lawful way for them to get. what they want they accuse you of terrorism which opens up new possibilities of coetcive overeach.

Either start acting in a manner which is consistent with your purported principles or just dispense with the charade and come out and say "do what we say or else" (which is what it always comes down to anyway.)

Comment Progression (Score 1) 373

I want a pony or I'll scream and stamp my feet.

Give me your pony or I'll kick your ass.

Give me your pony or my Dad will kick your Dad's ass.

My lawyer is going to sue your ass for your pony.

Give my your pony or we'll suspect you of pony-related terrorism activities granting us unlimited powers to seize any ponies you may own anywhere in the country (/ world when the NWO arrives.)

Comment Uhh.... (Score 1) 326

I can't for the life of me see the public good in a leak like this...

ProTip: It's one step towards connecting the inner and outer worlds of those in the email thread.

Where is the public good in being two-faced? The sooner the two faces are united, the better for everyone.

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