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Comment Re:Not true multitasking (Score 1) 983

"Funny, I seem to remember a time when Apple was moving towards bankruptcy."

Yes, when they were lagging behind MS on the OS fundamentals side. (They did have better UI in some respects, but even there, it had a lot of shortcomings by the end of the OS 9 era, when MS had standardized the right click and scroll wheel and Apple was still figuring those things out.)

So, you just contradicted your whole point there.

Anyway, Palm's WebOS is definitely a strong competitor with Android and iPhone on the technical side, but on the business side, it looks like they'll be out of the market by the end of the year if not sooner. It's a shame, but so it goes.

Comment Re:Multitasking NOT coming to iPhone (Score 1) 983

Android already has what Apple is calling "Fast App Switching". Basically, that just means you dump the RAM to the flash memory on quitting and restore on relaunch. That's why many "background" apps in Android take 0% CPU.

From a user point of view, if I can only see one window at a time, what difference does it make if it's true multitasking or not?

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 377

I play Scrabble on my iPhone and am quite often annoyed to find that the computer won't accept perfectly ordinary things like "quo" as in "status quo" but will accept bullshit like "xi" and so on. Any loosening of the dictionary on the electronic version would be welcome.

The other place where this matters is Scrabble tournaments, but those people are insane.

Comment Re:Who wants to update?? (Score 1) 1012

Uh, except the poison update in question is for 10.6 Snow Leopard, not 10.5 Leopard. Let's try to follow the thread of logic, please.

Anyway, this whole thing seems stupid: EULAs and the DMCA's DRM provisions are dumb, but guess what the alternative to them is? Manufacturers making it inconvenient to use software in a way they don't approve of. Take your pick: you can either have the law trying to fuck you or corporations trying to fuck you. Believe me, this is the lesser of two evils.

Comment Re:Open Source Helping Humanity (Score 1, Insightful) 185

Helping humanity, needlessly torturing mice.

Seriously, what did they really learn from this? The benefit to humanity here is disproportionately less than the cruelty involved. It just seems like an excuse to play around with Quake because "dude, wouldn't it be cool if we could train our mice to play?" I wouldn't let anyone involved in this kind of experiment date my sister.

Comment Re:Oh man. Nightmare. (Score 3, Interesting) 353

True, but I can imagine how this happened. The guest user account is designed to erase itself after you log out. So there must have been some screw up to where the "erase user after log out" code got applied to the real user instead of to a guest user. It's a real shame that this wasn't caught in testing before it could burn an end user, but I can see how a bug like this could slip through the cracks.

Still, the team in charge of the programming guest user account at Apple must feel like absolute crap right now for letting this major bug through.

Comment Re:Why do so many people...? (Score 1) 227

I wish I had mod points now to mod you up. For those following at home: evolution - science; evolutionary psychology - pseudo-science.

Evo Psych is about how our "natural" responses today are caused by the ancestral environment. How do we know about the ancestral environment? Simple, we study our natural responses today. It's totally circular.

Comment As an Apple fan (Score 4, Interesting) 204

...and as an iPhone owner, I say:

Good. I hope that the Feds can scare Apple into opening up the iPhone a little more. I think anyone who owns an iPhone should be on the side of the Feds on this one.

Here's a suggestion for Apple though, why not a two track system for iPhone apps: You can install whatever you like *as long as it doesn't use the cell-network* or you can install specially reviewed apps through the iTunes store, as is done now. That way if someone just wants to sell a game or a screensaver or whatever, they can just sell it themselves without having to get permission from Apple. On the other hand, things that use the cell-network and could potentially overload it or be used for phreaker attacks or whatever can be reviewed by Apple as is done now. Reducing the volume of things reviewed by Apple should make the process a lot less painful for developers and give users a lot more freedom.

Comment Re:Depends on the game... (Score 1) 506

If it's CounterStrike or GTA IV, there's no such thing as "too realistic".

You want to see a realistic depiction of a person getting shot and bleeding to death? No thanks, I'll stick with polygons.

Just imagine your character sweating and breathing hard after running for the length of a play session (at a top speed of 15~20 MPH), then tell me that "there's no such thing as too realistic."

No one wants perfect realism, we just want different kinds of fakeness.

Comment Too expensive! (Score 2, Interesting) 55

I have a DSi but no PSP, so when I heard about the Go, I thought, "Hmm, sounds cool, and I don't have any UMDs, so I won't miss the drive..." Then I heard about the price. $250!? For something less capable than an existing PSP? I don't know who Sony thinks they're kidding. This one is going another "Game Boy Micro." Potentially interesting, but it won't take off with consumers since it's way overpriced.

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