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Comment Re:TIOBE methodology is so flawed it's pointless (Score 1) 535

Agree. The methodology is laughable.

I think searches that expect to see the word "Java" in content about Java may be falling because in a lot of contexts it's assumed you're talking about Java, it's not necessary to mention it. And if Java's being displaced by other JVM-based languages, why aren't they searching for Scala?

I'd take a look at the products these guys are selling, too. :-)

Comment Re:No problem. (Score 1) 374

Hahaha. You can't argue with this sort of logic - its worth the $100 more because it worked instantly out of the box. Most PC hardware does work out of the box, even with Linux nowadays, and I don't have to shell out a premium for it. Saying its worth the extra money because it works out of the box is a rubbish argument.

Comment Re:I was bullied constantly until... (Score 2, Informative) 938

That's all fine and dandy until someone loses an eye.

I read some accounts of kids being bullied these days, and their situation was pretty desperate because the bullies were members of gangs. Any violence in self defense (or otherwise) would be responded by a beating by one or more of the other bullies in the gang.

Try fighting that...

Comment Re:unpossible (Score 1) 1343

For the record, the original post also called the example "bad grammar" while claiming that it was still understandable. Since they referenced AAVE as an example of a case where it IS correct grammar, it seems reasonable to assume that they meant it's bad grammar _in 'standard' English_, in which case the claim that it doesn't have a well defined meaning still holds.

And it seems just a bit circular to claim that bad grammar in one dialect is understandable just because you point at a frequently used example which is correct grammar in another. I stand by my claim. Spillover from other dialects notwithstanding, improper grammar makes language less clear.

Comment Re:States should fix this in their own laws (Score 1) 762

People who are in the top percentage of wealth concentration benefit the most from public spending. Oh really? Then you follow immediately with the example of the roads. A dude in a $1000 beater gets as much use out of a road as someone driving an $300k+ Maserati. The soldiers defend all of us pretty much equally. (Yea, I know this isn't exactly true, but it's pretty close.)

Comment Re:Monopoly (Score 1) 330

Nothing wrong w/ having a monopoly. You only run afoul of antitrust laws when you abuse it. Is Google classified as a monopoly yet? I dunno, but if they're not they're approaching it.

Comment Re:Bringing Claude Shannon to higher education (Score 1) 165

The internet is at every university already. Campus denizens are overrepresented in many/most/all online forums. It isn't a question of one or the other, but rather of maximizing the benefit from both styles of communication.

OK, but I'm not talking about "styles of communication," I'm talking about the communicating communities themselves. Are the best communities the product of local universities or the global village? It is going to depend on specifics, but usually the local community -- no matter what sort -- is not going to be able to compete.

It's just so much easier to form connections at light-speed than whatever the average speed of a human body is.

Comment Re:Meanwhile, CA unemployment is at 12.2% and risi (Score -1) 265

I think the burden is being overstated here. Five years ago I bought a plasma TV. I replaced it with an LCD TV this past month that's 15% bigger, has a picture that's considerably better in quality, consumes about 40% less power, and cost less than half of what the old TV costs. Families aren't burdened with the cost of buying new TV's on a regular schedule. If you can't afford or don't need a new one this year, just wait around a while. Prices will continue to drop and the technology will continue to improve.

There's no doubt that cars on the road today everywhere produce somewhere between 10-20% less emissions due to the impact of decades of higher California vehicle emissions standards. Saving a few watts here or there isn't a big deal. But at scale you're really talking about saving megawatts of power in California alone. If we can assume that TV manufacturers will follow the auto industry example and produce all their products to meet these new standards, then the global impact could be substantial.

The positive impact of these guidelines are easy to substantiate. So far, IMO no one has made a defensible case about the cost. Is merely stating that this will be expensive and have a negative economic impact a sufficient argument not to do it?

Comment Re:Nope, sorry (Score 1) 507

And while we're at it, we can also throw in why everyone is making such a big ado over half of Obama heritage whilst ignoring the other half. Or more importantly, what's that got to do with the job of being President in the first place. But I digress...

Are you talking about the African American voters voting race or what?


Submission + - Fix for corrupted Lotus Notes client files (

KnezLazar1389 writes: "Lotus Notes can arguably be described as corporate software that everybody loves to hate. I don't work for IBM, I don't sell this stuff — I'm just passing along a tip that some systems support staffers know about, which can help you get through your day at work without your email/scheduling/messaging software running completely amok.

Trouble is, Lotus crashes sometimes, and two key client-side files can become corrupted during such an "unscheduled shutdown." Bring Lotus back up, and it'll keep misbehaving and crashing again and again. Here's a fix that often works and that can save you a lot of time waiting for the help desk to call back:
  • Log out of Lotus.
  • Look for the Lotus Notes local database directory:
    • Select the File menu.
    • Select Preferences.
    • The dialog box should show the local database directory path. Typically, if your your local work files are on the C: drive, expect to find C:\Lotus\Notes\Data.
  • Look for these two files:
    • Cache.NDK
    • bookmark.nsf
  • Rename those two files to something else.
  • DO NOT TOUCH any files with any other filename/extension!
  • Restart Lotus. Be patient; the first time you restart, itll take some extra time to rebuild those files.

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