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Comment Re:Its a sounding rocket (Score 1) 96

Yeah Britain used to launh rockets from woomera. Probably the aussi government did too. No private rockets tho.

New Zealand is definately a separate country from aussi, and there is a lot of sporting rivalry. (we beat them at rugby union generally, and they beat us at rugby league. We even beat them at cricket when Sir Richard Hadlee was still playing.

And NZ bred horses win the Melbourne Cup ..

We let you win (condescending smirk)
Would the Japanese launch in 96 count as private?
Damn, that's an ugly website.

Comment You must have an abnormal hearing to differenciate (Score 1) 849

The german magazine c't made 2000 an test with several people, they found out that the pereson that had the worst hearing was best at differenciating between CD and mp3. That person's hearing had suffered from an explosion and he as only able to hear frequences up to 8kHz on one ear and had a Tinitus on the other ear. He could hear more of the effects from the filters that are applied to mp3 streams. Further (german) info see

Comment Re:Ubuntu influence on marketing materials (Score 1) 236

That was probably my fourth or fifth installation in Yum (I got alacarte, RPMfusion and the updates before that).

I just tried another package. It went faster than before, though still paused a lot more than apt-get does (it was the program, not the download speed). Fedora 11 did that, too - I used it for about a month and it was still pretty sluggish. It's certainly not as slow as whatever Sabayon was using, though, and it's definitely livable this time around.

I'll be honest - this Fedora release is pretty damn good. I may have found a new home. Well done.

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