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Comment Been wearing them for a long time... (Score 1) 464

I have been wearing progressives now for over 2 years. 2 21" monitors at work, a 24" one at home. Don't even realize I have progressives on. About the only time I do is when I have to fit my head in to a rack to read off a serial number of a server... but I don't do that anymore either. I use my phone to take photos. took me about 5 minutes (or less) to get used to them once I went from contact/readers to progressives.

Comment Can't wait to replace CenturyLink (Score 4, Informative) 110

My daughter goes to UofMN and has a very painful 1Mb service in her apartment for $30/month! CL says they are looking to improve the offerings in her building but she is not holding her breath. We haven't been told we can NOT get other service BUT there is currently no other service in her area. No monopoly you say? Wish this service would work its way around the University.

Comment Guess I got in at a good time (Score 1) 579

I have a 6.88Kw array ( that has taken off nearly 70% of my bill. AmerenUE charges $0.17/Kwh peak, $0.08/Kwh off peak. if I generate electricity I make $0.02/Kwh (wholesale price). Besides panels we have now adjusted our lifestyle to the rates. We do laundry and dishes before or after rates change. We stay away from the middle of the day. Oh, and we bought a Nissan LEAF. I have it configured so it just charges during off peak. AmerenUE doesn't like solar anymore and since they technically met MO government requirement for renewable resource use they are taking all the carrots away.

So with the carrot gone they are now even trying to get a law passed where you are only allowed 1/2 of your max capacity for install (ie I would be only allowed 3.4KwH system). The company would come out with solar installers and make sure nothing extra would be allowed. They are doing all they can to stop Solar.

Glad I got in when I did...

Comment I was actaully doing this over 2 weeks ago (Score 1) 725

We were at Best Buy and the X Box game we wanted was out. I took a shot of the product bar code and found it nearby. I really didn't care so much about the savings and being able to get it right now without the 'oh, we can get it shipped to this store". I managed to locate it AND call the store that had it to hold it while I was in Best Buy.

I would hate to be a retailer in this day and age...

Comment Re:Won't do any good where I work (Score 1) 610

Never had that problem. Guess you and I differ on what is a reasonable number of sick days.
I mean right now I am carrying 275 hours of PTO. I just took a week off recently and a few days here and there. Last year I took a couple of weeks. Oh, and before that I was out for a few months (had to use EMTO - currently at 535 hrs) due to an accident.

Comment How about a little help from the spouse? (Score 1) 616

My wife jusy finished her PhD in Math. It was about 3 years but it was worth it! We have 2 kids, 11 and 13. She took night courses which meant that I took more care of the family. She teaches higher level math and is a great role model for my two girls who happen like school and math!

I hope more spouses are supportive and we see MORE math/science ladies!

Comment Already did it... (Score 1) 823

asked what he wanted to be able to do and gave it to him in a Ubuntu system. OpenOffice, GIMP, and more make it easy. In fact, yesterday was the first 'support' call after a year. Seems he 'accidently' went to a questionable site and the system was trying to install something. Crashing the system then NOT restoring FireFox session worked like a charm. Oh, I did have to go out and show him where to plug in the printer. That worked right off the bat too. Best part was nearly 3 months after giving the system to him one of his students (he teaches music from his home) got on his PC and said 'Hey, this isn't windows!'. Har!

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