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Journal Journal: Sub Artic

It is so cold in my office that my nuts are actually happy for once that Lynda keeps them snug and cozy in a little ziploc baggie in her pocket.
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Journal Journal: My new grrll

As many of you know I have three things I want to be remembered for:

1) Be remembered as a good father.
2) Have people remember the aroma of my BBQ.
3) Never let people forget the mental image of Lynda walking in on me sitting in front of the computer jerking off furiously and typing one-handed.

She was none too happy about it, so I guess I'm gonna have to scale back my cheatroom activities until she finds something else to piss and moan about.

This should help. It's my 3rd favorite website. I went back and forth between Doms, Violent Chastising, and Rubber. Ultimately, I decided that Rubber has never done anything wrong by me and here we are:

My New Grrll
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Journal Journal: ellem == douchebag

I really like it when Lynda brings home a pair of lacy panties from Victoria's Secret at the Mall and makes me put them on. She ties me up to the bed and wears her thigh high boots and latex catsuit and calls me a douchebag. It's so fucking hot.

I beg her over and over again, "Do what thou wilt, Mistress!!" and she cracks her whip and tells me that she doesn't make idle threats, on the web or otherwise, and calls me ellem (note els for ones) and says that she's gonna take over my Slashdot account and post naughty things about me having cybersex with MILFs.

Then she jams the caulking gun up my ass and empties it into my colon. Lynda RAWKS she is so hot!

Just the thought of it gives me batwings.
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Journal Journal: e11em's Profound Statement v001.001

Ninety-nine and forty-four one hundreths of the world is just trying to get by day to day. Fifty-three one hundreths is really fucking things up.

And the other three hundreths are fwopping themselves raw and typing with one hand while they cyber with MILFs in chatrooms.

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