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Comment Re:Pile it on.. (Score 1) 301

According to some Eddie Griffin standup, the rationale of saggy pants originated in prison so that some men could advertise that their ass was available. At some point this became "cool" and part of ghetto culture in general. Which is odd given how less welcoming the black community is to the gay community.

Comment Re:Alarming Battery Costs (Score 1) 172

Being that Musk wants to get into that business for the home, couldn't they just set it up so you can replace your battery in your Tesla then have the old battery delivered and installed for a personal UPS/solar storage? I assume if you're wealthy enough to own a Tesla, you can probably afford this as well.

Comment Part of the problem (Score 1) 191

Part of the problem in the US is having to buy your phones through your carriers. So LG, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, whoever all have to make slightly modified phones for each carrier (which costs money). Unnecessary development money and just bloats the cost of the things.

And they always want you to buy the current year's model, which cost too goddamn much ($625 for a LG G5?!? My laptops that last 5-6 years and are $1000 so I ain't spending half that on a phone for 3). I had an LG G2 that I loved but the screen was failing me (already replaced it once) so I figured I could upgrade the 2.5 year old phone for not too much. I wanted the LG G4 (which just came out last year) and it's already out of stock. Ended up getting the Nexus 5X. Affordable and snappy enough for me. I love it. I may never buy an overpriced carrier phone again.

Comment Re:Exercise, sleep hygiene (Score 1) 230

That sounds pretty intense.

I don't think I'm all that banged up as I just play ultimate. I think martial arts does a ton more wear and tear on the body in comparison. But my back has been a source of issues for some time. I did physical therapy on it and it's far better than before but I've lapsed in doing all the proper stuff. I wonder if a sports massage would help it out but I'm trying to drop some more weight first. Lost 10-15 pounds through minor diet (cut back on calories drunk) and exercise changes. Blood pressure was good. I'm hoping for another 10-15.

Comment Re:sure, this and about a dozen other companies. (Score 1) 225

[quote]the truth is we really do not know why some of these audiences (18-32) fail brand permanence, brand awareness, or our consumer confidence and profile metrics other than (gasp) they probably just arent interested in the product.[/quote]

Looking at purchases where I'm a loyal customer (TP, toothpaste, deodorant, laundry detergent, paper towels, NB shoes), I got locked in as a kid. I've been using most those products since I was a kid that my parents bought. Deodorant was the only brand that could handle my sweating and NB shoes were crazy comfy. That's brand permanence for me. I figure if you want to win that demo, you win their parents when the kids are young.

Otherwise I buy what's at Costco or on sale. Price has always been my number one factor as I'm leaving that age range.

Comment Re:Processors aren't better (Score 1) 472

Out of curiosity where is the next big jump? Or, what's the current bottleneck?

I put a SSD in my gaming machine as my OS drive and wowzers does it boot faster than my TV. Once prices drop on huge drives (Steam sits on a TB drive), I'll switch it over. My CPU, mobo, and RAM are from 2011 and I put in a new graphics card in 2014. It seems like this guy will be fine for a couple of years - might pop in some more RAM - and then I'd have to think about things again.

Comment Re:I'd be sympathetic to Rotten Tomatoes but... (Score 1) 407

I have found that I tend not to enjoy DC compared to Marvel movies. I'm pretty indifferent about the universes but my general opinion is outside of Batman and his villains, the characters are boring. This is compared to Marvel who have far too many damn characters for me to care about (how many were in Days of Future Past that I can't remember at all?).

With the current round of MCU - Marvel built up a pretty good pace. Here's some characters people know and let's build on it. Let's make some fun movies and go. Granted Civil War was pretty meh as were the Thor offerings but on the whole, pretty solid films overall. GotG was something I thought would be a stupid idea and it worked perfectly.

For DC - outside of Nolan and Burton's Batman films and Reeve's Supermans, I can't think of one DC movie I liked otherwise. I wouldn't have known V for Vendetta or Watchmen were DC without being reminded. Same for Constantine. Man of Steel was so bad, I just don't care about any future offerings. Superman Returns was miserably dull. Catwoman? Green Lantern? Goodness. Having a DC name on it is more of a curse in my mind than anything else.

I'm not opposed to a dour Superman concept but goodness, Man of Steel was just all over the place. I liked the idea of a young Clark Kent being a drifter, struggling with his purpose on the planet Earth and ultimately deciding to be a hero on his own free will. But all that was undone when Zod forced him into the role instead. They should have kept it simple - like a planet ending asteroid and seeing people come together to try to save the planet and fail, forcing him to act. And ditched the Jesus mess. Then you coulda gone with "how does Earth today respond to an all powerful being?" in Bats v Sups. Absolutely makes sense - perhaps Zod shows up, perhaps it's whatever Luthor made. Could have been a much better and more compelling universe that builds naturally into Justice League rather than feeling like it's being hamfisted into movies.

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