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Comment And yet it's all just talk (Score 1) 78

And yet it's all just talk until you actually start getting serious about serving places. Six current cities and four upcoming cities is not a serious business. 12 potential cities? That's great. I've read they primarily select cities based on where dark fiber is already heavily available, which is fine from a cost point, but it doesn't necessarily get them customers.

Besides, I'm likely to pass unless I can get something between the "free" and $70/month plan cause 5 Mbit isn't enough and 1 Gbit is way more than I need. The only perk would be competitors offering lower rates to fill the gap. I hate Comcast but I imagine they're more likely to meet me in the middle and that fine by me. And given Google isn't touching New England with a pole of any size, I don't expect to see any better service any time soon.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 450

Amazon's selection isn't amazing but it's good enough for a single person with a job and other hobbies to keep them occupied. It has kept me from bothering with getting a Netflix subscription since I finished grad school (my friends had them).

I've seen a number of movies I wanted to see through Prime, watched all of Justified, watching Star Trek TOS, caught Orphan Black, and a couple other random things here and there. I often found my experience with Netflix was spending 10-15 minutes just trying to find something to watch because I often couldn't find things I intended to look for.

The problem is really content owners just not wanting to make their shit available to people outside of their own platform. Once I get my finances in a place I like, odds are I have Netflix, Prime, and HBO Now. To me if your stuff isn't on one of those, you might as well consider it worthless.

Comment Re:Trying to save herself now (Score 1) 129

Imagine the people they have in their circles. Think about the people you have in yours. How many people kiss your ass and tell you how great you are on a daily basis? I think that's all there is to it.

I say I'd buy some property that gives me privacy, build a lab to tinker, and live a life of leisure. But that might all change as your social circles change from getting wealthy. Bumping elbows with other CX level people doing "good" things and you feel like you have to keep up.

Comment Re:You know what else would solve drunk driving? (Score 1) 258

Boston's late train leaves 12:30 am. Has cut a couple of nights short for me as I would prefer to not use Uber/Lyft and instead my unlimited metro pass.

Now there's a lot of cost problems here with the metro and those need to seriously be addressed. Inefficiencies and bad union negotiating are likely killing the budget as is infrastructure neglect. I have no idea if politicians have any considerations for seriously fixing these problems.

Comment Re:Having a do-over (Score 1) 634

Sure. But society also requires compromise to function and that means people can't always get what they want. Otherwise you can't make any decisions at all without unanimous support and that seems overwhelmingly stupid.

I live by myself and I make all the decisions in my household (well short of stuff to the place I rent). Say I get roommates or have a significant other move in, now my needs aren't the only ones. Perhaps that means I can't lounge naked on the couch or I have to compromise on decor. Suppose later I get married and have kids, now the kids also have needs that require compromise. No one is going to get what they want every time (and kids are most often likely to lose anyways). One could scale that up from a household to a number of households to represent society. At what point does that break down?

In the US, it's my view that we have too much Federal government and would prefer much more control passed down to states and cities/towns/counties. Trade/treaties, military, ensuring government at all levels treats people equally, interstate concerns, etc (this is somewhat broad I suppose but it's meant to focus on big picture things) should be the Feds domain and other things left to the states/cities/towns/counties. But that's due to people from different parts of the country and even states having different opinions and views on things. Plus you're more likely to be invested on certain things with your neighbors than some strangers much further away.

Comment Re:Having a do-over (Score 2) 634

Yep. Lots of reasons to disavow a democratically voted referendum

Hell, if you didn't vote in something you thought was important and then don't like the outcome, you deserve no right to bitch about the outcome. Clearly some folks didn't think it was a serious enough issue to go do so and now have slackers remorse. Tough. Elections can have consequences. This should be an example to anyone too smug to think "there's no way (candidate you don't like) could win" or "clearly (issue I care about) is going to happen" and stays home instead of voting.

Now I think it's silly to have made this a simple majority decision and that any action should have required a 2/3 vote but I'm not British so that's not my decision.

Comment Re:Self-driving will not "destroy" auto insurance (Score 1) 299

Well yes and no. We still need claims adjusters. Ideally self driving cars will have an accident rate lower or much lower than humans already. Given the reduction in accidents, you would need far less claims adjusters for auto. BLS says that's 315,300 jobs in 2014 (but not distributed among accident types). And I agree, we will see impacts in legal as well.

But don't forget traffic cops and the revenue that citations bring municipalities. And the body shops that repair damaged cars. And driving professions. It will be interesting how this impacts all these segments of the economy and what the ripples are.

Comment Re:Not News (Score 1) 72

I didn't know that. I'd observed that signals didn't quite sync between a tv in my dad's house with a DVR and one with a converter box and didn't know why. Learn something new every day!

Now I wonder why my Uverse boxes in different places in a house weren't synched. Perhaps because it's run from a central hub to other receivers.

Comment Re:Quite an unsurprising response to Steam/Linux (Score 1) 255

Meh. It's not worth the concern of figuring out what in my library works on Linux and what doesn't. And I have every setup fine on my Win7 box with no updates.

I feel like an easy plug would be to get PewDiePie and other streamers using SteamOS and Linux (as silly as I think the whole streaming culture is). Get a big name to release a gotta have with full Linux support. Heck, have the streamers to some Linux indie gaming plugs (I don't know what's all . That just might be something that will get younger folks into using Linux via Steam and really kick developers into releasing more games for Linux and manufacturers providing actual driver support.

Because I'd be quite peeved to make the switch and find a less than meaningful percentage of games don't work. I'm willing to understand that some older things might not work but it would be super awesome if SteamOS has an easy Windows emulator to fix that (maybe it does).

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