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Submission + - SCO Threatens to Sue Itself (

Groklaw Reader writes: "SCO's bankruptcy is nothing if not interesting. In trying to explain why it gave away one of its patents to a subsidiary right before filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection and why this isn't "fraudulent" it has offered an interesting legal filing to explain itself. Apparently, SCO wants to force the Court's hand in approving their plan to weasel out of this, otherwise SCO will be forced to sue itself. One can only hope."

Submission + - Google sued for $5b for crimes against humanity ( 2

mytrip writes: "A Pennsylvania crusader has slapped Google with a $5bn lawsuit, claiming that the world's largest search engine is endangering his personal safety.

With a suit filed in federal court, Dylan Stephen Jayne insists that the company is guilty of "crimes against humanity" because its name turns up when his social security number is scrambled and turned upside down.

By calling itself Google, Jayne argues, Google has exposed him to attack by an army of culturally diverse, net-savvy terrorists. "A person regardless of race or religion that wishes to cause acts of terrorism would look for social security numbers that are made readily available on the public use databases," his suit reads.

And he's adamant that if Google claims ignorance, many people could end up dead or buck naked. "The 'I don't know' defense obviously is a waste of money, time, and puts the lives of Americans and illegal aliens at risk of death or serious undress.""

Feed Techdirt: Handwritten Lawsuit Accuses Google Having A Name Similar To Accuser's Social Sec (

We've seen some really bizarre and silly lawsuits filed against Google over the years, but this latest one wins hands down. Eric Goldman gets all the credit in the world for sending this one over. Someone has filed a handwritten lawsuit against Google, asking for $5 billion in damages, because his social security number, when turned upside down and scrambled spells Google. And then it gets weirder. The war on terrorism makes an appearance, as does a Burton snowboard. If you're reading this via RSS, click on through to see the filing in all its handwritten glory.

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