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Journal Journal: Cheaper by the dozen (Score:1, Troll) 3

by mcgrew (92797) * on Friday December 12, @12:47PM (#26093749) Journal

So boasting a stunning readership in the dozens

Not today!

"Why did you throw me to the wolves like that?"

Priceless! IMO she deserved it. She should have mentioned the kid's being disruptive in the first place, and not accused Helios of malfeasance.


Submission + - Amazon Launches SimpleDB Database Service (

Dotnaught writes: "Amazon Web Services is getting a on-demand database called SimpleDB, upping the company's ante on its bet that it can sell on-demand computing. Adam Selipsky, VP of Product Management and Developer Relations describes it as a lightweight relational database that's ideal for storing metadata about objects or files such as those stored with Amazon's S3 service. Amazon's Alexa uses the service already. Sign-ups for the beta are being accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis."

Submission + - Amazon launches structured storage service

An anonymous reader writes: Amazon has posted details about SimpleDB, a new companion service to their popular EC2 and S3 services. SimpleDB is a 'database-in-the-sky' and will move to a limited beta launch soon. Priced at similar rates to EC2 and S3, it supports data access through REST and SOAP APIs. Its data model is different from a traditional relational database model (no joins, indices, etc) and more like Google's BigTable in terms of being a large hash table. However, unlike BigTable, it supports limited query operations.

For more, see the Information Week article and a technical overview

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