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Comment Re:Guns, freedom and all the rest (Score 1) 1144

Of those 30k deaths, how many do you think were caused by 'high-powered firearms'? What does that even mean? The vast majority of shootings are by handguns, which is probably isn't what you're thinking of when you think of high-powered firearms.

You actually are reading the constitution backwards. The constitution not only grants explicit rights to 'the people' to keep and bear arms, but it further does not grant the federal government the right to regulate it, thus it's retained by the people per the 9th Amendment.

It's worth noting the reasoning behind the 2nd amendment: 'the security of a free state'. Everything I've read on the subject points to the idea that 'the people' need the ability to defend themselves from an oppressive government, ie 'a free state'. You can do that with pitchforks if you like (and you trust your fellow citizens enough to carry them around you), but I'd prefer to have high powered firearms.

Comment Re: Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

There's much debate about that it is to be an atheist, but the definition of a theist that to me seems most honest is someone that believes in an intervening god (as opposed to a deist, who is more what you describe above.) Thus, a a-theist would hold a-symmetric views to the theist. There are zero successful scientific predictions by theist on how this intervening god will manifest itself, and I'd say the evidence weight heavily against this line of reasoning. I think this distinction is important if we're ever going to have an intelligent conversation on the subject.

Comment Re:... and here on slashdot? (Score 1) 232

+1 to those. Also:

* make a decent comment entry editor that makes quoting, numbering, bullet points, tables, etc. less of a pain in the ass.

You would get some better comments on here if you could post data in an organized way, IMHO. It feels insane to be asking for these minor things in 2015.

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