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Comment Re:Class-Action? (Score 1) 103

Or they consider Win 10 to be the patch. The free-upgrade period ending kind of undermines that claim. They should leave the option open indefinitely. Then they can simply say, "Yes we are supporting Windows 7, the support is to apply the patch that upgrades to Win 10 and beyond at no cost to you."

Comment Re:+1 Snowden, Manning. -1 Ulbricht (Score 1) 247

Manning didn't blow any whistles. It was falsely claimed that he revealed war crimes, but once the legitimate combat actions were revealed and analyzed by people who actually know what constitutes a war crime no crimes were found. Manning simply applied a hoover to the classified network and then dumped it to WikiLeaks out of spite because he was mad at the Army. He committed espionage and is rightly serving a nice long term as a result. We the tax payers should not be paying one cent towards gender association treatments. He's doing hard time.

Snowden was a whistleblower on the NSA Surveillance. He committed espionage on the rest of the Classified information regarding international intelligence operations that he stole and revealed. If we get our hands on him, he will be convicted and also spend many years behind bars. He would have gotten a pass had he just stopped at the surveillance program.

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 247

Who is paying for the GP to post the facts. The NSA surveillance revelation was good he would have had whistleblower protection for it. The rest of the stuff he's revealed about our international intelligence collection efforts is why he will not receive an amnesty and should not receive on. Nothing about what the GP posted was a shill. In short You fail. But then you are too cowardly to take credit for your misguided opinion.

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 3, Informative) 247

Snowden is not a traitor for revealing the NSA Phone surveillance program. He's a traitor for the thousands of classified documents pertaining to other legitimate intelligence collection efforts that he stole and turned over to whomever. Example: he revealed that we had an active tap on the office phone of the German Chancellor. Revealing that was Treason, Germany is not a military or political enemy but all countries are economic opponents. Further it's evident that he's paid Russia for his asylum with classified information.

That is why he is considered a Traitor. Had he just stuck to revealing the unconstitutional NSA Surveillance of US citizens he would be a hero and would have been protected by Whistleblower status. But he revealed far more, damaging or destroying operations that took years to put in place and putting lives at risk.

Comment Re:Hater's Gonna Hate... (Score 1) 161

And your brilliant reply indicates your level of intelligence. Giving a handout is a one time deal. And he's not just sitting on his money, he's returning it into circulation and giving people jobs.

I am not the idiot here. Try attacking ideas and debating with facts rather than juvenile insults that just prove you have no real argument.

Comment Re:Hater's Gonna Hate... (Score 2) 161

The point is entirely valid. Rather than just giving the money away to be wasted by some NGO or spent on bribes or stolen or maybe maybe reach someone actually in need. He spent the money which went to employ people in order to build the room and equip and decorate it. Giving a man a job is far better than giving a man a bowl of soup.

Comment Re: In related news... (Score 1) 115

Exactly how would the EU accomplish that? The EU has no military of it's own, it has no nukes (we have thousands) it has no force projection capability (we have multiple carrier groups). It has no way to attack the US. We have combat troops and equipment stationed all throughout the EU. The EU wasn't even able to stop the genocide in Bosnia until the US decided to step in and help.

Thanks for the laugh.

Comment Re:US Patent Office (Score 1) 87

Bingo. For example two years ago I drove for UPS during the Christmas rush. At the peak the Delivery center (one of three servicing the Salt Lake City Metro center) was pushing 80,000 packages a day. Two of those three centers were at the same location a third at another, that's about 240,000 a day at peak using roughly 300 package cars. A large volume of the volume was Amazon. Call it 100k, 300 trucks versus 100,000 drone flights a day leaving from the central sort and distro facility. And those package cars go out in all weather. What happens when a thundercell rolls through an area, will those perches hold a drone in place through 70 mph wind gusts, or how do they keep their delivery schedule going during a three day blizzard?

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