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Comment Slashdot is out of touch with reality (Score 2, Interesting) 909

Slashdot is seriously out of touch with reality regarding Apple. The company just posted yesterday their highest non-holiday profit quarter ever (90% year-over-year increase in profit). iPhone sales were up 130% year-over-year. AAPL stock is soaring right now This is all due to Apple's complete control over the iPhone. So does the lack of hardcore adult content hurt the iPhone sales? No, it does not. Steve Jobs is absolutely right.

Comment Re:Gotta love... (Score 1) 1131

That's the very fabric of extremist, they make up the parts that say they can kill, then live by those made-up words.
Usually it amounts to the same as people who fabricate how the 2nd ammendment of the United States constitution by attempting to twist the commas in the sentence to mean that only an army can carry weapons.

Anything written it seems can be twisted to be interpreted to whatever a person wants. It's sad, and pathetic.

Comment Re:Didn't you notice? (Score 1) 208

If you don't pay the rent, leave valuable customer information in file cabinets and are kicked out (after getting an eviction notice), don't complain if someone comes in and uses the space for a crack den and the customer info for their own nefarious purposes.

I'll assume by "don't complain" what you actually meant was "do something about." (You know, since the OP wasn't "complaining", he was asking what to "do about.")

Now, you expect him to, what, just ignore this and let the havoc wreak? If you're a stupid 18 year old and end up with 20k in credit card debt, do you just move on and keep letting the penalties pile up? Probably, but that's obviously not what you should do.

Comment Re:Reply (Score 1) 462

Newsflash: The average Joe that needs the security the CD affords doesn't live their computer on 24/7 and doesn't mind rebooting either. If you're capable enough to know what a live CD is and what a VM does, then you probably handle your own security and stop flaming a bank's step in the right direction.

Comment Nvidia can only hope... (Score 0, Troll) 132

That there are a lot of lunatic performance enthusiasts and deep-pocketed GPU computing users out there. $500, 250 watts, only modestly faster than the competitor's cheaper, cooler card that has been out for some months now, and has variants and cut-downs spanning more or less the entire price/performance spectrum from sub-$100 to mid $400s...

One cannot deny that they are, in fact, the fastest; but in all other respects they just got owned. More power draw than a CPU from the bad old days of Prescott(and Prescott was 90nm, this sucker is 40nm), a gigantic die that must cost a small fortune just to manufacture, hideously audible fan noise just to keep the thing from melting down. They'll have to cut the power draw by a factor of five to land any laptop design wins at all, a factor of ten for anything that isn't a 2.5 inch thick gamer box of a laptop.

Unless there is a large enough market of crazy gamers who just must have the fastest, or GPU computing people who don't care how expensive or noisy these cards are because they are in the datacenter doing some sort of algorithmic trading, Nvidia has a real loser on their hands...

Comment Re:I am not a fan of the USA gov't (Score 1) 178

This is pretty misleading. Total government spending went up pretty much lineraly at the same rate during both the Reagan and Clinton years.
In comparison to GDP, it did go down somewhat during the Clinton years:
But what really helped as far as the debt there was increased income tax rates and more money being made in the private sector.
Now, spending during Bush per GDP actually pretty much flatlined until 2006/2007. Does anyone know what happened then?

Your point that both Bush and Reagan were big spenders compared to what they claimed is true, but you can't deny that the current administration is making no effort to reduce the debt, and it is exploding way faster than any previous president with no end in sight, while we are losing the surpluses of Social Security and Medicare that we had in the past. We can debate the past all we want but no one is going to change sides. I personally think it is worth noting that most of the companies that created the tech boom of the 90s really started in the 80s, and that the tech boom and Bill Gates had more to do with the Economic boom and surpluses of the 90s than did Bill Clinton. You would probably disagree. But surely we can all agree that we are headed in the wrong direction. If spending does not drastically slow down soon, we will be past the point of no return to becoming an insolvent nation within this decade.

Comment Re:Wait - what? (Score 1) 460

There you go. The key distinction between 2010 and 20,000 years ago is that we have billions of humans around the world more exposed to changes in climate. But as you point out, the climate has changed many times in the past for a variety of reasons clearly not due to human activity. Might human activity be aggravating the matter somewhat? It's entirely possible, but given that it's going to happen no matter what we do I almost think it's irrelevant.

So what do we do? Take potentially disastrous measures and try to actually change the climate ourselves? And how to we even establish what an ideal baseline is? It's entirely possible the ideal temperature for humanity and nature to thrive is even higher than it is now.

But on a more practical level, I do think we should move to clean, efficient fuels as much as is realistically possible. Many measures to protect the environment make sense for a variety of reasons beyond climate change. That said, I do have a fundamental problem with the alarmists and the suggestion that we need to dramatically change our way of life or that we should support policies which benefit special interests pushed under the pretense of stopping climate change.

Comment Re:Sadly (Score 1) 238

It will require more than duct tape and £500 to resurrect his server after a slashdotting.

Why? What sort of computer sustains physical damage from high utilization? Unless he overclocked it foolishly I expect that it will resume functioning at no cost whatsoever once the incoming requests drop to a low enough rate.

Comment Re:We need more honestly dumb software. (Score 1) 272

As seen in the many postings replying to the link, the problem seems to be windows 7 using the battery "design capacity" value which in many cases are wrong, thus making the warning and possible causing haywire in the charging system Thus it is a real issue with many new batteries of various types and m$ is flatly denying it without reading the possible solution and test suggestions in the comment thread...

Comment Re:Is it time to look yet? (Score 1) 368

I'm afraid that the KDE brand is ruined only in the head of people who haven't bothered to look at how cool KDE4 is...

I am afraid that a lot of people who bothered a lot about KDE at the time KDE 4.0 came out won't bother to look at it again. People have a finite amount of time, a finite amount of interest, and patience.

The KDE devs really burned a lot of good will with the first KDE 4.X, and their attitude against the backlash. Most users (who left KDE) have by now moved on, and are confortable enough not to care anymore.

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