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Comment Re:I hope it's under the BSD or MIT licenses. (Score 1) 205

"...they can be sure that their contributions won't be gobbled up by some company and then used against them."

How so? Used against them in what way?

"His own contributors gave him grief when they found out that their work had been commercialized without their knowledge."

I won't be looking to you for any history lessons. ;)

Comment Re:Bad things to say about chiropractors? (Score 1) 130

"A male masseuse"?
Isn't that what Julius Caesar said to Pompey before crossing the Rubicon?
I think that's crossing the line already.
As soon as the masseuse starts saying he has magical healing abilities and can cure illness then he will begin to attract disciples and followers. Of course, "masseuse" will have to be changed to "carpenter" later, to appeal to a broader customer base.
Carry on.

Comment Re:Prior Spam Art (Score 2, Interesting) 274

First off, I'm glad someone understands what's going on and that they are not actually patenting LOL.

Second, read the patent; while you are correct, the patent talks about getting the means based on specific context; which is hard to do.

It's nt even about the definition, hell you could create your own definition, big deal. Determining context of a conversation automatically and then know what a abbreviation or Jargon means within that context is awesome.

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