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Submission + - Scrolling Game Development Kit 2 in Beta (

BlueMonk writes: "Version 2.0 of this build-your-own-game IDE is a rewrite from the ground up in C# on the .NET 1.1 / DirectX 9.0 platform. Yesterday, the homepage posted an announcement of the initial beta release. SGDK2 has grown significantly in flexibility and features since the last 1.x release more than a year ago. One of the extra sample projects is a tetris game, demonstrating that SGDK2 is less confined to the notion of scrolling games, though that's where you'll still find it providing the most support. Although the initial release is based on .NET 1.1 and Managed DirectX 9.0, the intention is to upgrade to later versions of the .NET framework and possibly support alternate graphics platforms as soon as possible after the initial release. The project will remain in beta for a period of time to allow feedback before the 2.0 release; among other final refinements, hardware requirements are still being worked out. The beta is public and available for download to all."

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