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Comment Re:What a dumbass (Score 1) 200

You give Ronnie far too much credit. Economy being in the toilet was certainly not a reason for the USSR breaking up - after all, North Korea is still around. Easing pressure on nationalists in the late 1980ies was - ethnic conflicts destroyed the union.

And as for being bogged down in Afghanistan, USA has been failing to pacify Afghanistan for over a decade and that with the help of several European countries and without a third party arming the Taliban with modern weapons and funding them.

Comment Re: How Embarrasing (Score 3, Insightful) 55

Russian occupied Georgia and Ukraine? Seriously? By that logic Mexico is occupied by the USA because Americans have annexed Texas.

And yep, some critics have been indeed imprisoned

Still, what you are doing is moving the goalposts. I have stated that many German government officials consider American interests more important than interests of German citizens and you try to switch the topic to imprisonment. And by the way, East Germany and USSR didn't imprison every critic. I know - I am originally from Rostock.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 244

This description of Earth describes your provincialism, not the actual planet. There is a shitload of places where there are basically no earthquakes (and if there are, then they are rare and so weak they wouldn't even wake you up), no tornadoes and no hurricanes. Well, and other places without rain, but it kind of sucks having no water available.

And I seriously have no idea why you bother thinking about "the other 7+ billion idiots". Most of them are elsewhere anyway.

Comment Re: How Embarrasing (Score 2) 55

Look, I am German and I do think that our government kisses American arses. Many of our politicians, especially of our conservative party, have explicitly stated that they consider USA being the best friend of Germany, American interests being more important than concerns of German citizens and that anybody who thinks different just hates the US.

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