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Submission + - Twitumm - A delightful way to collect your Twitter (

duguk writes: "I recently put together Twitumm as an alternative to Audioboo and Utterli — which is a easy way to record audio and post it to your Twitter. Like what Twitpic has done for pictures. Written as a small project in my spare time, with a very simple scheduled FFMpeg task, all written in PHP; running on Gentoo Linux. Record your message on your phone or PC in any format, upload it, and we'll put it up for streaming; and (if you want us to) post it to your Twitter profile too.

This isn't your usual advert, I'm making no profit out of this, but am adding new features all the time. Since I'm a huge open source enthusiast (and using Gentoo!), I'd love to know what Slashdot think."

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