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Comment The real reason (Score 1) 495

If FF is losing users it's for two reasons: they break existing functionality with every release, and they're unresponsive to bug reports. Having two drones reply to every report with unrelated cut-and-paste from the documentation, then marking the report as solved, does not count as a constructive response.

Comment Re:Not good. (Score 1) 351

They have not been 'trying to remove the Jews'. That's a classic US media propaganda position. Their grievance would be just the same and just as valid if their lands had been seized by US-backed Methodist military colonists. The religion of their oppressors is entirely irrelevant.

Comment Ludicrous (Score 1) 898

This is the most ludicrous UK internet-related prosecution since the constructed misunderstanding over the Nottingham airport tweeter. And it's another example of the exciting possibilities the securitat have found recently in the concept that (allegedly) hurting people's feelings is illegal.

Comment Sauce for the goose (Score 1) 122

No doubt the oligarchs have seen what an effective tool false copyright infringement claims have been in the civilised world - a no-trial, no-evidence way of cutting off websites that displease the authorities - and are keen to use them to give their future repressive moves a veneer of legality.

Comment Evidence (Score 1) 141

SOCA (or their successors) clearly seeking to expand their powers to punish people without evidence. New Labour laws have already made it possible for them to 'seize' money unless the owner can prove that they came by it honestly - this can be authorised by a court without any evidence other than the unsupported word of SOCA personnel.

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