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Submission + - Sign the White House petition for open access to research (whitehouse.gov)

dstates writes: You paid for it, you should be able to read the results of publicly funded research. The National Institutes of Health have had a very successful open access mandate requiring that the results of federally funded biomedical research be published in open access journals. Now there is a White House petition to broaden this mandate. This is a jobs issue. Startups and midsize business need access to federally funded technology research. It is a health care issue, patients and community health providers need access, not a few scientists in well funded research institutes, and even wealthy institutions like Harvard are finding the prices of proprietary journals unsustainable.

Submission + - Rep Doyle introduces bill to strengthen open access to publicly funded research (house.gov)

dstates writes: In response to publishing industry attempts to choke off public access to publicly funded research, Representative Doyle has introduced the Federal Research Public Access Act to broaden and strengthen open access to federally funded research. Open access is critical for patients seeking to learn the latest about their disease as well as nurses and physicians treating them. It is critical for people in start ups and small businesses who do not have access to university subscriptions, and it is critical for universities that are now paying millions in subscription fees. Show your support for enhanced public access to federally funded research, sign the White House petition supporting the Federal Research Public Access Act of 2012.

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