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Comment Re:I'd rather make peanuts telecommuting (Score 1) 470

Flagstaff, AZ, baby. Ski in the morning, hike in the afternoon. "Civilization" is just a couple hours down the Interstate (though there's plenty here). Within the radius of a six-hour drive, you can find the Grand Canyon, the Rockies, salt water scuba diving, and some of The Best Hikes the U.S. has to offer (I think the phrase "Southern Utah" sums it up). Finding good IT and CS folks here is a bitch. The students all want to move off to the Big City for the Big Bucks. Cost of living isn't so hot, but it beats Silicon Valley. You won't find the Intels and Motorolas here... Keep an eye out for the federal jobs: NPS, FS, USGS, NOAA (i.e., the fun agencies for geeky science nerds)... there's also university, medical, bio, astronomy, etc. as well as plain ol' vanilla local government jobs to be found. Generally, the workplaces and teams are small, but frankly, that's a plus.

Comment /., you're trying too hard (Score 5, Informative) 147

Dear /.,

Please stop trying to be Digg/Reddit. It's really quite embarrassing. You post these stories way past their expiration date and provide no meaningful content to contribute enlightenment or lolz. We've already seen the story. We've already read the comments. Don't fall into the trap of pandering mainstream drivel to drive traffic. If my grandma knows about it, it doesn't belong on /. Even in "Idle" your readers expect more.

Lovingly yours,

Comment Re:Wrong, that is YOUR stuff (Score 1) 560

Airports are private facilities? No. The airlines are choosing to enforce business policies they've written? No. The government is conducting an unreasonable search in a public place on public property while I, a private citizen, am conducting private business with a private company. Me wanting to fly from point A to point B is not reasonable suspicion. My car. My home. My pockets. My labia. I choose for whom and under what conditions I disrobe or reveal my tits, ass, ankles, nose, or any other part of my body I choose to cover.

Comment Re:They collected $75,000... (Score 3, Insightful) 650

Since using aerial photography to spot permit violations (construction w/o a permit) is an common activity that's been going on for a very long time, municipalities are actually saving money by using freely available data instead of buying it, paying for overflights, paying for image processing and mosaicking, paying for software that can do all this, etc. Since Google provides data collected from previous years, folks doing the work can easily do a temporal change comparison to spot new construction. Brilliant way to work on a shoestring budget... of course, I don't have an illegal pool.

Comment Re:Very well done? REALLY? (Score 1) 150

Exactly. When I saw these photos a few days ago, I immediately recognized the lack of technical skill... however, I was still moved to tears (yeah, I'm a girl, get over it) and several other emotions. These images are simple yet powerfully evocative and completely fantastic as is. The sense of seeing ghosts, or better yet, viewing a memory through someone else's senses is amazing.

Despite the lack of technical skill, the artist achieved the goal of having me feel that I was standing in another's shoes. And the fact is, he got better at it with practice. With some work (and a good drawing tablet), he could easily learn to rework these photos to eliminate the technical rawness that distracts the eye and impedes the viewer's immersion in the work and its meaning. I won't hold my breath - I'm more than satisfied with what he has chosen to share with us.

Comment Re:Summary snipping (Score 1) 253

(2) So the government should employ every single person required to do any high security level work it requires? That's practical and completely feasible.

(3) As AC notes, this is a standard term used to discuss people suspected or charged with a crime. To state a person is guilty before the result of a trial proves that guilt leaves the author open to a defamation suit, particularly if the person is found innocent.

(4) Yeah. People are that fucking stupid. And not high school drop-outs either... Ph.D.'s are really that stupid. It boggles the mind.

Comment Re:Wait 'till it hits IT (Score 1) 569

...then you only pay for the one you like - but keep everyone elses servers as well.

No, the buyer ONLY has rights to the "winning" design he paid for if he pays for it, and only the rights stipulated in the proposal. Losing designers keep complete ownership over their work.

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