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Submission + - Turbine partners with notorious SuperRewards ( 5

Zarrot writes: In the next step in their Free 2 Play model, Turbine entertainment publisher of Dungeon and Dragons:Online,Lord of the Rings:Online and Asheron's Call has partnered with notorious 'lead generation company' SuperRewards. Initial testing by forum user shows that just accessing the page without clicking on any offers sends the users email and game login in clear text to SuperRewards. Reports of new spam and fresh malware infections on test system are already being reported on the companies forums. Is the Zynga model the future of internet gaming? Selling out your users and exposing them to scams and malware as business model...

Submission + - Dungeons & Dragons Online partners with ScamWa ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Turbine Inc. (creators of Dungeons & Dragons Online) has partnered with malvertising/scammers SuperRewards, causing an outcry among security-conscious community members. Turbine sends the third party your DDO username and email address when you click through to investigate the Wall of Misfortune. The DDO announcement ( claims to have no support for the offers presented, but is still urging their users to participate in an extremely risky environment.

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