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Submission + - Superluminal Neutrinos? yes and no 1

An anonymous reader writes: Question shout-out to my fellow Physicists out there. If you aren't familiar with the Scharnhorst effect, you may want to Google it first. In essence, the idea is that photons travelling through empty space interact with the virtual particles that arise from vacuum fluctuations. They occasionally are absorbed and then readmitted. Scharnhorst speculated that light travelling between two plates placed close enough that they experience the Casmir effect would encounter fewer virtual particles and thus wouldn't slow down as much. Effectively, the speed of light we normally measure is really the vacuum dampened speed. Now here comes the question: Would Neutrinos who interact substantially less with physical matter also be relatively immune to virtual particles? I would think yes. If this is so then the recent Neutrino superluminal results aren't really a problem. It's really just a measurement of the un-dampened speed of light.-Peter B.

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