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Submission + - Google+ Creepers-to-Keepers Ad: Cute or Creepy?

theodp writes: In October, Dr. Phil aired a show called Bullying: The Power to Protect Your Child. 'What do they call you?' Dr. Phil asked 16-year-old bullying victim Ally. 'Bitch, slut, freak, creeper and weirdo,' Ally replied, sadly adding that 'maybe I'm just not meant for this world anymore.' In November, Google released a new TV commercial to help demonstrate the features of Google+, which TechCrunch noted showed how a woman was able to use Google+ to 'put people in her own unfortunately named 'Creepers' Circle' (one eventually works his way into her 'Keepers' Circle). Some loved it; others were annoyed by the ad's notion of creating Google+ Circles of Creeper nobodies. So, is Circles Love Story — aka Creepers to Keepers — cute or creepy?

Submission + - admin gets sentenced (

bs0d3 writes: On June 11th 2011, Europe witnessed one of the largest piracy-related busts in history. As police from across European countries moved to raid the operators of all at once. Today one of the admins was sentenced. For his participation in the internet film portal a 33-year-old web designer has been sentenced for a 2 and a half year prison sentence. The district court of Leipzig said he was guilty in the unauthorized commercial exploitation of copyrighted works in more than 1.1 million cases. The 33-year-old is the first to be convicted in connection with the investigation into the film portal. The verdict is final.

Submission + - world's first webGL documentary (

An anonymous reader writes: built entirely in open-source html5, webGl and Mozilla's Popcorn, One Millionth Tower is a web-native documentary created by the legendary National Film Board of Canada. The story of re-imagining our higrise planet — and the web.

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