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Submission + - Contest winner: Video Games with a Purpose? (

drew30319 writes: Game developer's website Gamasutra discusses a video game design contest with socially redeeming qualities — is this a role for video games?

"A unique game design competition aimed at teen violence prevention has announced its winners, revealing that Grace's Diary is taking home the top prize.

The annual contest is sponsored by Jennifer Ann's Group, a non-profit organization focused on teen violence education and prevention since its founding in 2006. The game design competition, the "Life. Love. Game Design Contest," challenges entrants to design a game about the issue — without using violence itself."

The winning games are available to play online now: 2010 winning games.

Submission + - Promoting social good through video games (

drew30319 writes: Kotaku writes that for the third year, the Life.Love. Game Design Challenge is asking the intriguing question "can you create a video game about teen dating violence without using violence in the game itself?" In recognition of National Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month, charity Jennifer Ann's Group is sponsoring the contest to increase awareness about teen dating violence.

Previous years' winners are available on the charity's website: 2009 winners and 2008 winners.

In addition to a chance at the $2,500 grand prize, the entries will be reviewed and judged by video game industry experts. Judges have included Ian Bogost, Simon Carless, Brenda Brathwaite, and Brian Crecente of Kotaku. Jennifer Ann's Group was created in memory of Jennifer Ann Crecente (Brian Crecente's niece), a high school senior who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on February 15, 2006.

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