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Submission + - 40-50% jobs to be automated: PWC, CoPS@Vic Uni & Oxford Uni: big economics (

Matt Hurd writes: 44% of Australian jobs at risk. 47% of US jobs at risk.

Report says doctors, teachers and nurses least at risk. Accountants, cashiers and admin workers most at risk.
Strangely, DBAs reported not at risk. Let's hope they're wrong. Thankfully, real estate sales are at risk.

It's a new economic revolution similar in scale to the industrial revolution. It is happening now thanks to all those nice computer folk allowing computers to make sense out of senses after failing for the previous sixty or seventy years. The Age of Perception, if you like.

Submission + - The Pioneer Who Invented the Weather Forecast writes: Peter Moore has a fascinating article on BBC about how Admiral Robert FitzRoy, the man who invented the weather forecast in the 1860s faced skepticism and even mockery in his time but whose vision of a public forecasting service, funded by government for the benefit of all, is fundamental to our way of life. Chiefly remembered today as Charles Darwin's taciturn captain on HMS Beagle, during the famous circumnavigation in the 1830s, in his lifetime FitzRoy found celebrity from his pioneering daily weather predictions, which he called by a new name of his own invention — "forecasts". There was no such thing as a weather forecast in 1854 when FitzRoy established what would later be called the Met Office. With no forecasts, fishermen, farmers and others who worked in the open had to rely on weather wisdom — the appearance of clouds or the behavior of animals — to tell them what was coming as the belief persisted among many that weather was completely chaotic. But FitzRoy was troubled by the massive loss of life at sea around the coasts of Victorian Britain where from 1855 to 1860, 7,402 ships were wrecked off the coasts with a total of 7,201 lost lives. With the telegraph network expanding quickly, FitzRoy was able to start gathering real-time weather data from the coasts at his London office. If he thought a storm was imminent, he could telegraph a port where a drum was raised in the harbor. It was, he said, "a race to warn the outpost before the gale reaches them".

For FitzRoy the forecasts were a by-product of his storm warnings. As he was analyzing atmospheric data anyway, he reasoned that he might as well forward his conclusions — fine, fair, rainy or stormy — on to the newspapers for publication. "Prophecies and predictions they are not," he wrote, "the term forecast is strictly applicable to such an opinion as is the result of scientific combination and calculation." The forecasts soon became a quirk of this brave new Victorian society. FitzRoy's forecasts had a particular appeal for the horseracing classes who used the predictions to help them pick their outfits or lay their bets.

But FitzRoy soon faced serious difficulties. Some politicians complained about the cost of the telegraphing back and forth. The response to FitzRoy's work was the beginning of an attitude that we reserve for our weather forecasters today. The papers enjoyed nothing more than conflating the role of the forecaster with that of God and the scientific community were skeptical of his methods. While the majority of fishermen were supportive, others begrudged a day's lost catch to a mistaken signal. FitzRoy retired from his west London home to Norwood, south of the capital, for a period of rest but he struggled to recover and on 30 April 1865 FitzRoy cut his throat at his residence, Lyndhurst-house, Norwood, on Sunday morning. "In time, the revolutionary nature of FitzRoy's work would be recognised," says Moore. "FitzRoy's vision of a weather-prediction service funded by government for the benefit of its citizens would not die. In 1871, the United States would start issuing its own weather "probabilities", and by the end of the decade what was now being called the Met Office would resume its own forecasts in Britain."

Humans Dominating Poker Super Computer 93

New submitter IoTdude writes: The Claudico super computer uses an algorithm to account for gargantuan amounts of complexity by representing the number of possible Heads-Up No-limit Texas Hold'em decisions. Claudico also updates its strategy as it goes along, but its basic approach to the game involves getting into every hand by calling bets. And it's not working out so far. Halfway through the competition, the four human pros had a cumulative lead of 626,892 chips. Though much could change in the week remaining, a lead of around 600,000 chips is considered statistically significant.

Submission + - 3 Strong Reasons Why Google Windows 8 Modern UI App is Better Than Bing (

baseg25 writes: To ease the searching needs of Windows 8 RT tablet users, Microsoft provides an in-house Bing Search Modern UI app. As expected, to make the search experience even better Google had just recently launched their own Modern UI search application for Windows 8. And it trumps the Bing app in certain areas After working on both these apps for quite some time, I found that the latter was like three times better than the current version of the former app. And to support my finding, here are three amazing features of the Google app that outsmart the Bing one. 1. Voice Recognition While doing a web search what would you love more – typing down the search query or speaking it out to your computer? I guess most of you would like the second option and that’s the first reason to love the Google Search App. While in Bing App you can only type in the query, you can speak it out to Google Search. When you speak out the query, the app will dig in and show all the words it recognizes right below them.and when you make a brief pause, it does a web search in no time. 2. Page Preview The Google Search app provides preview of all the web pages right in the app itself to help you decide which page you will find interesting. After you do a search, simply click on the preview mode to see all the results in web page preview mode that shows the results one after another with the link and descriptions Bing search on the other hand only shows plain, monotonous text based search results arranged in Windows 8 tile format. 3. In App Result Display When you click on a search result to open it, Bing opens the result in your default browser while Google opens it up in the app itself. So if you open a result in Bing which does not answer your query and you want to search the web again, you would have to open the Bing app again and again which is a serious time waster! However, in the Google search app, the results open up in the app itself with the search baralways at the top so that you can always do a new search if are not satisfied. Later, if you would like, you can right-click on the app and select the optionOpen in browser. So more choices here. Conclusion So these were three good reasons to download and use the Google Modern UI Search App on Windows 8 rather than default Bing Search. The only thing I liked about Bing search is the beautiful backgrounds it displays while doing a search..

Submission + - Teacher Tenure Laws Ruled Unconstitutional In California (

An anonymous reader writes: Tenure laws one of the most controversial aspects of education reform, and now the tide seems to be turning against them. A California judge has handed down a ruling that such laws are unconstitutional, depriving students of an education by sometimes secure positions for bad teachers. The judge said, "Substantial evidence presented makes it clear to this court that the challenged statutes disproportionately affect poor and/or minority students. The evidence is compelling. Indeed, it shocks the conscience." The plaintiff's case was that "California’s current laws make it impossible to get rid of the system’s numerous low-performing and incompetent teachers; that seniority rules requiring the newest teachers to be laid off first were harmful; and that granting tenure to teachers after only two years on the job was farcical, offering far too little time for a fair assessment of their skills." This is a precedent-setting case, and there will likely be many similar cases around the country as tenure is challenged with this new ammunition.

Submission + - Woman tricks government into a 3 million dollar tax refund (

An anonymous reader writes: If you're worried about misfiled taxes or getting audited, think again. This woman was refunded 3 million dollars and promptly bought a 1999 Dodge Caravan in cash for $2,000, wheels and tires for $800, and other small purchases. If she had kept her purchases small and under the radar, she may have gotten away with it for years. She got greedy and reported her not so stolen prepaid debit card stolen raising red flags at VISA.

Universal Android Laptop Dock: Microsoft Nightmare, Or Toy? 262

ozmanjusri writes with this story from PC World: "A company that makes keyboard docks has announced a laptop-like peripheral that uses smartphones for processing and storage. Since many Android and Apple phones have multi-core processors powerful enough to deliver laptop-level performance, they only lack usable screens and keyboards to be productive for most office work. ClamCase believes their 13.3-inch 1,280 x 720 ClamBook with keyboard, multi-touch touchpad, and dedicated Android keys will make up for the lack, and turn smartphones into fully-functional laptops. A device like the ClamBook could be a real game-changer for the computer industry. If it succeeds, peripheral makers could build docks which would allow any monitor, keyboard, mouse and storage to be powered by any Android phone. It's a combination which would make BYOD offices very tempting for the corporations who are the Windows/Office combination's remaining cash-cow." I only wish the company would license the idea as well to established makers, so otherwise conventional laptops could gain the ability to easily become advanced phone screens, too.
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Submission + - Twitter targeted with fake antivirus software scam (

alphadogg writes: Twitter has been resetting passwords for accounts that started distributing links promoting fake antivirus software in an attack that used Google's Web address shortening service to conceal the links' destination.

The links, masked by Google "" URL shortener, bounce through a series of redirect URLs before landing on a Ukrainian top-level domain that then redirects to an IP address associated with other fake antivirus software scams, wrote Nicolas Brulez of Kaspersky Lab on a company blog.

Victims landing on the fake antivirus software page are prompted to scan their computer. If they approve the scan, the page asks if they want to remove threats from their computer: doing so starts the download of a bogus security program called "Security Shield."

Del Harvey, head of Twitter's Trust and Safety Team, wrote on her Twitter account that "we're working to remove the malware links and reset passwords on compromised accounts."


Submission + - Will Eric Schmidt Become Apple CEO? (

iamrmani writes: As the market will be concerned in the near-term with the management shuffle at Google, an analyst even hinted at a possibility that Eric Schmidt could become the Chief Executive of Apple Inc.

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