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Submission + - Space agencies bully astronomers (

An anonymous reader writes: lists a paper on history of Tel-Aviv UltraViolet Experiment (TAUVEX), a space telescope conceived to provide multi-band wide field imaging in the ultraviolet, emphasizing the lack of sufficient and aggressive support on the part of the different space agencies that dealt with this basic science mission. Conceived in 1985 and selected by the Israel Space Agency in 1989 as its first priority payload, TAUVEX was supposed to be Israel's first scientific payload. However, thanks to the turn of events and the attitude of various space agencies, this telescope is now turning into one of the longest living space project of astronomy, still awaiting a launch platform.

Submission + - NATO will Field Unmanned Submarines (

An anonymous reader writes: This piece of equipment is news to me but I’m sure that they have been around for a while. As a matter of fact I wonder just what they are capable of which we haven’t been told about.

The Autonomous Undersea Vehicle is about six feet long and weighs about thirty pounds if I remember correctly. I read that it can be launched either from shore or from a small boat. It is currently being tested by NATO but I am not sure of its orgins or use up to this point. Maybe some of you custom navy ring customers who have worked with this piece of equipment can drop some knowledge on the rest of us about it. I would be interested in learning more and more than happy to share whatever information that you provide.

The”Glider” has wings also which assist in control and maneuverability while under water. As far as I know it is useful for gathering data about the water which is useful to SONAR operators. Factors such as salinity, water tempetature etc. effect the way that sound travels through the water. The information that the UAV gathers assists the SONAR operator as he intreprets the sounds that he hears.

It travels at less than two miles per hour so I don’t see how it can be useful for anything else. If it were not used other ships would have to take the time to perform these duties. I am not sure how the performance of these duties interferes with the overall mission but I’m sure that it has to put a drag on things. One benefit which could prove to be useful for other operations is that it is so small and quiet that it has to be just about invisible to enemy SONAR. Other uses are conceivable but I’m not sure what they are.

Submission + - On The Trail of A Fake Virus Scammer (

vik writes: A sysadmin of my acquaintance recently received a phone call from "Computer Maintenance" purporting to be on behalf of Microsoft, and smelt a rat. The scammers want you to visit ( or perhaps ) and want remote access to your computer, to install malware, your credit card or both. This is how he tracked Rajat Kumar Jain of JARS services to his lair.

Submission + - Chrome 9 Released (

mikejuk writes: Version 9 of Google Chrome is now ready to use and it has three major new features but the most important is the attempt to retrain users to think that widgets are apps!
It now comes with an app store tab that encourages the use of Chrome apps which are essentially HTML/JavaScript widgets. The whole thing is an attempt to bring the mobile app mentality to the browser.

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