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Submission + - Enterprise Use of Android

MagnumChaos writes: I'm a system administrator for a local non-profit agency. Currently, our IT department is looking into Android tablets to use across our agency. I'm a fairly novice Android user, but I have some general knowledge about the operating system. However, I'm looking to find any enterprise solutions to use with an Android tablet. Something that would allow us to control the applications used, who can use them, and block the use of the browser, while still allowing the use of the Maps and Navigation applications. Perhaps even be able to use a remote wipe in the case of sensitive information. Do you /. users know of anything useful of that sort?

Submission + - Astrobotic and SpaceX Shoot for the Moon (thedaily.com)

SpaceXFan writes: Astrobotic Technology Inc. announced it has signed a contract with SpaceX to launch Astrobotic's robotic payload to the Moon on a Falcon 9. The expedition will search for water and deliver payloads, with the robot narrating its adventure while sending 3D video.

Submission + - A smile on facebook cost a woman her benefits (cnet.com)

satuon writes: According to the Associated Press, Blanchard, a 29-year-old IBM employee from Bromont, Quebec, was suffering from depression and took time away from work, relying on sick-leave benefits from her insurer, Manulife Financial.

The monthly payments were suddenly halted. When she called Manulife to ask why, she says she was told that it had espied photos on her Facebook page that showed her cheerful. Ergo, the argument allegedly went, she was able to work. Which led to the second ergo: no more payments.

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