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Submission + - Disney turned down George Lucas scripts!

ageoffri writes: So after the near disasters of movies that Star Wars episodes 1-3 are, it is now being reported that Disney did not use George Lucas's scripts at . Some will take this as great news, some will shudder at JJ Abrams leading the effort.

Submission + - New Nicotine Vaccine May Succeed Where Others Have Failed (

Zothecula writes: If you're a smoker who's trying to quit, you may recall hearing about vaccines designed to cause the body's immune system to treat nicotine like a foreign invader, producing antibodies that trap and remove it before it's able to reach receptors in the brain. It's a fascinating idea, but according to scientists at California's Scripps Research Institute, a recent high-profile attempt had a major flaw. They claim to have overcome that problem, and are now developing a vaccine of their own that they believe should be more effective.

Submission + - Groklaw Closes Over Email Security Fears ( 3

judgecorp writes: Groklaw, the blog that covered patent law for the open source community has closed over fears of email interception by the US government. Pamela Jones, who has won awards from the Electronic Frontier Federation and others for Groklaw, says, for her "the Internet is over". The site relies on private email communication, which she says is now impossible

Submission + - PJ shutters Groklaw

The Cornishman writes: Early this morning, EDT, Pamela Jones, better known across the world as PJ posted what would appear to be her final article, marking the end of Groklaw. Her reason? The forced exposure which she feels from ubiquitous surveillance makes it impossible to continue to interact with Groklawers over the Internet, and she did always say she couldn't do Groklaw without email. As casualties of Big Brotherism go, this is pretty major. Personally, I thought Groklaw was a force for good in the world.

Submission + - NASA finds family of habitable planets ( 1

coondoggie writes: NASA's star-gazing space telescope continues to find amazing proof that there are tons of habitable planets in space and we have only scratched the surface of what's out there. The space agency said today its Kepler space telescope spotted what it called its first Earth-size planet candidates and its first candidates in what it considers to be the habitable zone, a region where liquid water could exist on a planet's surface. Kepler also found six confirmed planets orbiting a sun-like star, Kepler-11. This is the largest group of transiting planets orbiting a single star yet discovered outside our solar system.

Submission + - Texas Student Attends School as a Robot (

kkleiner writes: Freshman Lyndon Baty’s immune system is so fragile he can’t risk being surrounded by people his own age, yet he attends classes at his high school in Knox City, Texas every day. All thanks to a robot. The Vgo telepresence platform is a four foot tall bot on wheels with a small screen, camera, speakers and microphone at the top. Baty logs into the robot remotely from his home, using his PC and a webcam to teleconference into his classes. Baty can drive Vgo around his school, switching between classes just like regular students. For a boy that has spent much of his life sick and isolated from his peers, Vgo not only represents a chance at a better education, it’s also an opportunity for freedom and comradery.

Submission + - Hudson Becomes Jenkins; Oracle Declares A Fork (

jfruhlinger writes: Hudson, an open source Java project formerly hosted on, has been transformed into Jenkins as a result of a name dispute with Oracle. Although the project's source code is open, Oracle claims ownership (inherited from Sun) of the Hudson trademark. Although nearly the entire developer community has moved to the Jenkins project, Oracle says that Hudson still exists, and Jenkins is a mere fork.

Comment Re:Patents aren't the problem (Score 1) 392

I only brought it up to show that if you take this Godel number thing far enough, you can think of ANYTHING as merely "discovered".

Go on then: show me how you reduce a hydraulic jack to a Godel number.

But then mankind would be left with zero inventions (and zero original works of authorship).

More precisely, it might be left with zero abstract intellectual entities which qualified as inventions under patent law. That's not the same thing as "zero inventions" or even "zero new ideas". It just means that abstractions would not be patentable. I can't see that as bad thing, myself.

As for "zero original works of authorship", I really do feel you are exaggerating shamelessly here. People have been writing and creating since the dawn of time. Very few of them have needed patents as an incentive. In fact, even in modern times, copyright has worked perfectly well for protecting these things. Except of course in the area of allowing extremely large software corporations to build thicket patents in order to discourage competition.

But that's not exactly an argument for software patents, either.

United States

Submission + - House Kills Nuclear Power (

tjstork writes: "Buried in the latest 410 billion dollar bill to pass the House of Representatives is an item that zeros out funding for reprocessing spent nuclear rods for re-use. This dramatically increases the amount of nuclear waste that must be stored, and undermines the ability of the country to develop nuclear power plants. So essentially, Democrats are taking the first steps for the United States to bail on nuclear power."

Radio Controlled Cyborg Insects At MEMS 2009 46

Frankie Modellismo writes "During MEMS 2009, a Micro Electro Mechanical Systems conference taking place in Sorrento (near Naples in Italy), the University of California, Berkeley showed a wireless system to control a live rhinoceros beetle. The researchers controlled the movement of the beetle thanks to six electrodes installed in the insect's brain. The rhinoceros beetles can carry up to 3gr, and fly carrying the control module that weighs a little more than 1 gr." The page is in Italian, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Comment Re:you got it backwards (Score 0, Flamebait) 259

Not in my experience,

OK, fair enough. Maybe you have never installed anything on your Mac to change the way it works, maybe you have everything set at default... I can believe that.

or in the experience of any other Mac user I know.

Bullshit, unless you don't know any other Mac users? I find it hard to believe that you would know what they have installed, and how they have changed their own machines.


Submission + - Rackspace DFW is down due to power outage

darrenfulton writes: Rackspace's DFW data center is down due to a broken transformer. They've turned off everyone's servers to keep them from overheating their facility. From their live chat feature: "Chat Information Chat InformationWelcome to Rackspace. My name is Mike K and I am a Live assistant. How may I help you today? you: what is up? you: Can't get to my servers? Mike K: An incident occurred involving a power transformer outside of our datacenter. The transformer feeding power to the DFW datacenter was damaged causing loss of power and cooling to the entire datacenter. The temperature increase required that your server be shut down. We are currently working to rectify the situation and will provide updates via My.Rack as they become available."

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