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Comment Re:No external antennas? Sue! (Score 0, Troll) 238

The FCC can not tell a property owner he or she must allow an antenna. The FCC can not dictate anything in regards to property. In fact, a property owner not allowing external antennae would not fall foul of any federal law, since the only federal laws in regards to renting property are that you do not discriminate based on any of the legally protected classes.

That said, he should check into local zoning laws. But that has nothing to do with the FCC. A state or city may allow such a thing, but in most cases I would say that a tenant can not install his or her OWN antenna. The owner, manager, or maintenance staff would need to do it.

United States

Journal Journal: Racism Is Apparently Only Bad If It's From Whites 4

Witness this. Many in the press knew about this for months, and no one reported on it until now.

She is saying, unequivocally: vote against people who aren't the same color as you are.

And the press has given her a pass.

Just incredible.

Screw her, and screw all other racists, of any color.

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