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Submission + - Switzerland Respects Plants' Rights ( 1

WSJdpatton writes: "For years, Swiss scientists have blithely created genetically modified rice, corn and apples. But did they ever stop to consider just how humiliating such experiments may be to plants? That's a question they must now ask. Last spring, Switzerland began mandating that geneticists conduct their research without trampling on a plant's dignity."

Submission + - IOC trademarks line of Canadian National Anthem ( 3

gravis777 writes: "BoingBoing is reporting that the International Olympic Committee has trademarked a line from the Canadian National Anthem and is threatening to sue anyone who uses it. The line in question is "with glowing hearts". FTA:

The committee is so serious about protecting the Olympic brand it managed to get a landmark piece of legislation passed in the House of Commons last year that made using certain phrases related to the Games a violation of law. The list includes the number 2010 and the word "winter," phrases that normally couldn't be trademarked because they are so general.



Submission + - Mayor stripped down, then stripped of office. 1

Ogre840 writes: The mayor of Arlington Oregon has been removed from office after a 142-139 vote. The reasoning behind the removal? A picture posted on MySpace predating her election into office cause quiet a stir. Posing in nothing more than matching black bra and panties for a contest about fitness, the ex-mayor's relative (in hopes of getting the poor single mother a date) posted them on MySpace. When the now ex-mayor was elected, she didn't feel it was important to remove the pictures since they'd been up so long. More information can be found here, as well as prior articles
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - A new technology called "flash memory" (

Lucas123 writes: "Reporting from CES, the Today Show revealed a new technology called "flash memory" that's poised to replace video tape. This amazing technology is a "hard wafer that stores electrical charge easily, quickly, durably and almost indefinitely" and can record up to two hours of video and is becoming cheaper all the time. What will they think of next? Cars that run on gasoline and batteries?"

Submission + - Verizon is still bad at math (

mikesd81 writes: "Eyelesswriter reports has a report about a guy who called Verizon 56 times to test Verizon's rate policy. You can get some background information on this at Some may recall the whole .002 cents vs .002 dollars episode. The results of this informal survey shows only 2% of the Verizon operators are aware of the proper policy. From the article: While many operators did mistakenly quote cents instead of dollars, a large portion of the mistakes were simply wrong, regardless of where the decimal fell. This means that even if Verizon has since addressed the cents/dollars issue, that by itself wouldn't be enough.

By the end of the 56 calls, this guy still had to call a PR rep and ask for a printed quote of the rates. There's a video also."


Submission + - Apocalypse Soon? Naval Group to Discuss Extinction 2

Maria Williams writes: Wired says Should the U.S. military be thinking more about asteroid shields, lifeshield bunkers and antimatter weapon shields? Oh, and an alien shield.

If these defensive systems/catastrophic scenarios are something you feel the Navy should be pondering, visit the Lifeboat Foundation's plea for donations. Lifeboat Foundation is dedicated "to helping humanity survive existential risks." The Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group contacted the foundation because it wants its future leaders to have the "opportunity to gain insights into the activities of the Lifeboat Foundation and have discussion about different programs you have to help 'safeguard humanity'."

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